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A Look Back at Our Top Three Management Articles from 2018

At the end of each year, we like to look back on what topics our most popular articles discussed. Our top three management articles shared information on accounting and finance podcasts to subscribe to, what millennials look for in an employer, and how to avoid micromanaging your team.

Planning for 2018: 4 Podcasts Every Accounting & Finance Leader Should Subscribe To

The Journal of Accountancy podcast covers information on taxes, technology, practice management, financial reporting, auditing and management accounting.
Deloitte IFRS podcasts focus on key developments in International Financial Reporting Standards as they occur.
Motley Fool Money features a team of Motley Fool analysts discussing the week’s top business and investing stories, interviews and an inside look at stocks the company is interested in.
Financial Sense Newshour applies common sense to the markets.

What Our Recent Study Taught Us About Recruiting Millennials in Accounting and Finance

Additional details are provided in our 2018 Financial Salary Guide & Employment Outlook, which can be downloaded today.
Millennials value wealth in experiences more than money. They are more focused on saving money to pay their bills and travel than on when they can stop working. Millennials also want to feel inspired about their contributions and see how they relate to the overall success of the company. They want to have a clear vision for both their future and their employer’s future and crave goal-setting with their manager. Plus, millennials desire regular constructive feedback to improve their work performance.
To become more attractive to millennials, more firms are offering flexible or remote working opportunities to accommodate the need for work-life balance. And, because of increasingly high student debt, many firms are offering student loan assistance or higher salaries. Plus, to accommodate millennials’ passion for their work, many firms provide ongoing professional development.

Are You Micromanaging Your Team Toward Their Breaking Point?

Hire candidates who hold themselves and others accountable for their work. Look for candidates who proactively seek information and feedback and work to accomplish team goals. Incorporate accountability into company culture so everyone keeps an eye on their individual and team members’ productivity.
Set your expectations early in the process. Meet with your team and discuss how you envision the final product. Mention key performance indicators that need to be addressed. Answer questions as they come up. Provide written notes as a reminder of what you discussed.
Let your team make decisions about how to proceed toward your common goal. Choose a leader to assign tasks, give directions and monitor team progress. Set up regular check-ins with the leader to monitor production.

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