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Is Remote Work the Solution Your Team Has Been Looking for to Improve Their Productivity?

Increasing productivity is most likely a top priority for your company. The more productive your employees are, the greater your revenue. Although you probably have streamlined operations in place that increase efficiency, have you considered letting your employees work remotely? Because working remotely has been proven to add up to a full day’s work throughout the course of the week, you should consider allowing it.

Studies Show Positive Results of Remote Work

Studies indicate that working remotely provides positive results. For instance, in 2012-2013, a 9-month Stanford University work-from-home experiment with a popular Chinese travel agency showed a 13% increase in remote workers’ productivity with more time per shift or fewer sick leaves and breaks. Also, a 2014 University of Illinois and Urbana-Champaign study showed that working remotely improves both task-based performance and organizational citizenship behavior, including individual contributions to creating a positive, cooperative, and friendly work environment. Further, a 2017 Gallup study showed 41% of respondents believed that telecommuters are more likely to feel engaged in their work than employees who work in an office.

 Remote Workers Are Happy Workers

Remote workers tend to be happier than employees who work in offices. For instance, a survey by TINYpulse that compared responses from 509 United States employees who telecommute at all times with benchmarks created from over 200,000 employees across all work arrangements shows that telecommuters are more autonomous and feel more valued because they work remotely. Forty-six percent of telecommuters said that their manager regularly checked in and typically included a standing meeting or scheduled one-on-one. Twenty-five percent of telecommuters said their manager insisted on face time through regular in-office meetings for team building or video conferencing or a phone call when in-person meetings were not possible. Telecommuters stated that the best managers listened to them, communicated trust and respect, and asked about their workload and progress without micromanaging. They also set clear expectations so that telecommuters understood their projects, roles, and deadlines and made themselves available during the telecommuters’ work hours.

Remote Work Increases Productivity  

Most employees are more productive when working remotely. For instance, remote workers can choose whether they work during the day or night, whenever they are most productive, which increases their efficiency and output. Also, telecommuters tend to put in more hours and work past business hours. They are able to balance personal commitments and unforeseen events with their work life to ensure that everything gets done. Further, remote workers have a distraction-free workspace. They avoid banter with colleagues, losing focus when people move around, and other distractions. Additionally, telecommuters have lower stress and increased health because they avoid the commute, have more time to exercise during the day and rest at night, and can stay home when sick while still working when possible.

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