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Four Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process in 2019

Hiring and retaining employees is a key part of your business. Being able to efficiently and effectively find qualified talent keeps your company seamlessly running. Along with the guidelines below, improve your hiring process by partnering with Alliance Resource Group, a leader in professional recruitment services in Southern California

Build a Strong Brand

Building a strong brand makes you an employer of choice. Show why you differ from the competition and what you have to offer employees. You will attract more passive candidates and increase retention rates. For instance, keep your company profile updated on social media sites. Share content involving company culture and work environment. Monitor employee reviews on Glassdoor and other sites. Candidates often seek insider information on salary estimates, interview tips, and employee reviews before deciding whether to apply with a company. Respond to adverse reviews to show that you care about employees and quickly resolve issues.

Create an Efficient Hiring Process

Ensure that your hiring process is efficient and effective. Because in-demand candidates typically are off the market within 10 days, you need to move quickly or risk losing them to a competitor. For instance, follow up often with each candidate. Discuss additional details of the role to maintain their interest. Answer questions or concerns as they arise.

Write Clear Job Descriptions

Ensure that your job descriptions are clear. For instance, focus more on what the company can do for the candidate than the responsibilities and requirements for the role. You receive higher-quality candidates when they know how working for you may benefit them. They typically are more willing to work hard and reach goals knowing what they will receive in return.

Improve Your Interviews

Continuously find ways to improve your interviews. For instance, let each candidate know exactly what to expect from both the company and the position. Include daily tasks, job responsibilities, professional development, and opportunities for advancement. Place more emphasis on soft skills such as coachability, emotional intelligence, temperament, and motivation than on hard skills that can be taught. Evaluate whether a candidate blends with company culture. If they do not share the same mission, values, and beliefs as the organization, they are likely to look for another job. Let candidates ask questions so you can see what is important to them and whether they want to move forward with the recruitment process. If the candidate changes their mind, you can invest more time with another one. Ask interviewees for specific feedback within 24 hours through an online survey. Use their answers to improve your process.

Work With an Accounting and Finance Recruiting Expert

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