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What’s on the Horizon for Accounting and Finance in 2019?

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Continued Shortage of Talent

Since Southern California is near full employment and the local market is relatively steady, finding the best accounting and finance talent will continue to be challenging. In-demand candidates will have multiple job offers and increased negotiation power in terms of compensation, work-life balance, and other perks. Employers will have to offer additional on-the-job training for candidates who possess the required soft skills and blend with company culture but lack the necessary hard skills to succeed in a position. Companies also will need to begin building relationships with potential recruits before they graduate. For instance, collaborating with student organizations, schools, accounting professors and view centers will be important. LinkedIn and other job platforms will be used to show how a company differs from its competition, why candidates should work for them, and how the company can aid in career growth.

Need for Exceptional Candidate Experience

Employers searching for accounting and finance talent will need to provide an exceptional candidate experience. Because top candidates will have a variety of options, hiring managers need to remember that they are being interviewed as well. They must be ready to sell the qualities of the position, company, and overall opportunity. The decision timeline also needs to be short to retain the interest of candidates and not lose them to a competitor. Plus, candidates need to be regularly communicated with and kept informed of where they are in the recruiting process.

More Effective Retention Strategies

Retention strategies for accounting and finance professionals are more significant than ever. For instance, compensation needs to be comprehensive and competitive. Salary should cover all hours worked, be fair throughout the organization, and comparable to what companies of similar size and geographic area are paying for similar roles. Benefits should be tailored to employee needs and include health insurance, a retirement plan, vacation days, student loan repayment, and parental leave. Perks may include a gym membership, work phone, travel reimbursement, flextime, or remote work options.
Employers also should identify top performers and create strategies for further professional development. Investing in training programs, seminars, conferences, and other opportunities will be necessary.

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