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The Key to Retaining Your Top Employees in 2019

Retaining top employees is one key to business success. Because their services always are in demand, you need to do what you can to maintain their loyalty. When it comes time to find other top Southern California accountants, get in touch with Alliance Resource Group.

Care About Team Members

Show genuine care for your teammates. Personal connection encourages employees to remain loyal longer. They tend to enjoy their work more and be invested in sharing your message. Find out about each team member’s family, hobbies, and interests. Inquire about events you know are happening in their lives. Ask how you can help each employee achieve their professional goals. Investing in your staff means they will invest in you.

Openly Communicate

Promote open and honest communication with your team. Transparency increases trust and employee loyalty. Be open about company challenges and finding ways to overcome them. Help teammates feel they are contributing to something bigger. Create a safe space for communicating disagreements and hardships. Provide time for employees to ask and answer questions and share and develop ideas. Maintain an open-door policy so staff know they can come to you without concern for repercussions.   Listening to your team members encourages them to buy into your mission and fight for your company.

Encourage Collaboration

Stress the importance of collaboration. Because your teammates have different skills, encourage them to take on project roles that focus on their strengths and interests. Find out what they are good at, what their biggest challenges are, and who can help them improve. Modify job responsibilities when possible to retain engagement.

Provide Feedback

Give your employees immediate feedback. Praise them when they perform well. Guide them when they need improvement. Point out specific examples of what they are excelling in and how they can perform better. Offer opportunities to continue developing skills and experience that make your employees even more valuable to the organization.

Promote Performance

Create an environment of promotion based on performance. High achievers love having their contributions recognized. Set clear expectations and measurements for success. Provide bonuses, raises, and advancement for team members who meet business goals or exceed expectations. Promoting from within encourages engagement and ongoing improvement.

Compensate Appropriately

Provide employees with proper compensation. A competitive salary with benefits and perks shows you value their contributions and want to continue to benefit from their hard work. Include health insurance, life insurance, and a retirement plan as well as opportunities for bonuses, raises, and promotions.  Allow flextime, telecommuting, and additional vacation days. Offer contests and incentives to keep teammates motivated and feeling rewarded.

Work With an Accounting and Finance Recruiting Expert

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