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A Close Look at Critical Salary Data in Accounting and Finance

Alliance Resource Group’s 2019 Financial Salary Guide & Employment Outlook is available now! Learn the critical salary data necessary to determine whether your income is where it should be. If it is time for a job change, let us help you look for finance or accounting jobs in Orange County, California.

Increased Compensation Negotiation

Because of the continuing accounting and finance talent shortage, competitive salary, benefits, and perks will be offered. Because top performers will have multiple job offers, they will have higher negotiating power to increase overall compensation. Along with salary, bonuses, raises, and promotions are valuable. Health insurance, a retirement plan, additional vacation days, a student loan repayment plan, and paid parental leave are also in high demand. Flextime, remote work options, work phone, or company vehicle are also desirable.

Factors Affecting Accounting and Finance Salaries

Finance and accounting salary ranges are affected by a variety of factors. For example, benchmarks are high in California, New York, and New Jersey due to the high cost of living. Soft skills such as communication, adaptability, leadership, commitment to continuous learning, cross-functional collaboration, and strong work ethic can bump up salary. In-demand technology skills such as ERP systems, cloud-based systems, data analytics, and database management software can improve negotiating power. Responsibilities, complexity, and job importance play a role as well. Industry, employer, clientele, employer place in the market, candidate experience and credentials factor in, too.

Let Alliance Resource Group Negotiate Salary for You

The seasoned recruiters at Alliance Resource Group take the time to understand your career path. We learn about your background, talents, and personality to determine which career move is best for you. We are open and honest about our process and eager to put you in front of appropriate hiring managers. We also pride ourselves on keeping our fingers on the pulse of the local market and bringing you the best in market knowledge.

Download Our 2019 Salary Guide Today

Download Alliance Resource Group’s 2019 Salary Guide today, then contact us for all of your finance and accounting staffing needs in Orange County and LA!