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Every Job Seeker Should Read Company Reviews Before Applying to a Job… Here’s Why

Like most people, you may turn to online reviews when deciding which products or services to purchase. Gaining insight from other customers helps you narrow down your choices and find what may work best for you. The same should be done when searching for your next job. Reading company reviews before applying for a position provides greater insight into work conditions, culture, leadership, salary, PTO, and other information needed to gauge the overall company experience. When searching for your next accounting or finance role, partner with Alliance Resource Group to find some of the best finance jobs in Southern California.

Find a Company’s Overall Rating

When reading company reviews, look at a company’s overall rating. Determine whether the business is rated better or worse than its competition. Read employees’ ratings for compensation, benefits, and other valuable details. Find out what employees like, dislike, and would improve the business. Pay attention to what is said about working conditions, company leadership, culture, equality, career development, social awareness, and other issues. While evaluating the employers’ profiles, look at their job openings and roles that are recommended for you. You may uncover additional opportunities to pursue.

Learn What Employees Find Unsatisfactory

Look for bad reviews that bring up the same themes, which may indicate an undesirable employer. Because every business has unsatisfied employees, consider what you read with a critical eye. For instance, if reviews complain about layoffs, reduction in PTO, or changes in management, it could indicate either a downward spiral or restructuring or acquisition. Do more digging to determine whether the changes are a healthy part of revitalizing the company or changing its course. For instance, the lower number of paid days off may be because the former unlimited vacation policy changed to four weeks.

Uncover Issues to Clarify During the Interview

Write down key issues that you want to talk about during a job interview. For instance, if many company reviews say that employees end up working 80 hours a week, ask how long a typical workday is. If many reviews state a flat management structure and lack of promotions, ask about a path to move up in the organization and a typical timeframe. Use the information to determine whether the role and company may be right for you. For instance, there may be long hours without overtime, but you could land your dream job in a few short years. Or, if the company reviews say that the culture makes up for the lack of promotions, but you want to move up the corporate ladder, the organization may not be the best fit for you.

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