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How Should You Respond When Learning a Top Employee Is Looking for a New Job?

Finding out that a top employee is searching for a new job causes adverse reactions. Although inappropriately approaching the situation can escalate the departure and reflect badly on both you and the company, not talking about the situation can make things more strained. Here are some suggestions to productively respond when learning a top employee is looking for a new job. To find top finance and accounting performers, get in touch with the Orange County Finance Recruiters at Alliance Resource Group.

Talk with the Employee

Set a time to have a nonconfrontational conversation with your employee. High performers may not feel recognized, appreciated, or able to move up in the organization. Or, they may want to develop new skills, increase their income, or change careers. Encourage your employee to talk openly and honestly about their career goals. Determine whether you can improve the situation to put off the resignation or avoid having other team members leave as well. Be realistic in making promises that you know you can deliver on. If you cannot, the employee may leave sooner than planned.

Monitor Your Responses

When talking with the employee about their reason for leaving, keep your responses in check. Be aware of your body language to avoid intimidation and bullying the employee into staying. Stay away from laying guilt or placing blame or shame on them for finding a new role. Set aside your personal feelings to create the best possible employee relations for a constructive conversation.

Determine Whether to Let the Employee Go

Since it is legal to fire an employee who is looking for another job, determine whether it is advisable under the circumstances. Consider their quality of work, restrictive contracts, and legal issues. For instance, if the employee is using an office computer or work email to search and apply for roles, the evidence is on company equipment and may be used to make a case. Also, if the employee is privy to confidential information, trade secrets, or proprietary data and is wanting to work for a competitor, you may want to terminate them. Keep in mind that if the employee has a written agreement with the company, they may be owed bonuses or other compensation. Check with your attorney before taking action.

Wish the Employee Well

Even if you want the employee to stay, it is best to let them move to a new opportunity. They may be looking for a position your company does not offer, a greater salary, or a complete change. Listen to what the employee has to say about their job and work environment to determine how you can improve for the next staff member. Wish the employee well in their career development and let them be on their way.

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