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The Key to Building Stronger Personal Relationships with Your Team

As a manager, part of your success involves building strong personal relationships with your team. Getting to know each of your members promotes feelings of trust, honesty, and the desire to work toward common goals. Because your career development depends on your team’s results, you want to create the best possible relationships with the people delivering them. Follow these guidelines to cultivate stronger personal relationships with your team. When looking to hire Southern California accountants, get in touch with Alliance Resource Group.

Create Reasonable Expectations

Ensure each team members understands what is expected of them in terms of outcomes, behavior, and culture. Articulate and demonstrate your expectations daily. Set the tone through an agreed approach to exhibiting the highest standards. Clarify roles and what success will look like. Empower your team to make the most of their talents by taking on challenges to continually grow.

Involve Your Team in Making Decisions

Let your team have a say in important decisions. Ask for their thoughts and ideas whenever possible to build trust and a sense of responsibility. Team members who participate in creating policy, setting goals, and choosing the tools they need to succeed feel valued and respected. They remain engaged in their work and loyal to you.

Ask Questions

Show personal and professional interest in your team by asking questions. Asking questions as part of your coaching style empowers team members to explore, innovate, and be solution-focused. They will be more willing to take risks and learn from their mistakes knowing you support them.

Build a Culture of Listening

Be an active listener. Provide the person you are talking with your full attention. Minimize distractions. Reflect back emotions. Ask questions to check your understanding. Ensure everyone has a voice during meetings and feels listened to. Allow time and space to think about and share their own ideas before offering yours.

Recognize Emotions

Learn to recognize and name emotions in yourself and others. Being able to see and respond to unspoken feelings is key to cultivating compassionate connections. Because our faces are the windows to how we feel, learn to recognize microexpressions that help you connect with others. Recognizing another’s emotional state helps you demonstrate empathy and more effectively communicate.

Praise Your Team

Provide each team member with authentic praise throughout the day. Share specific, constructive feedback. Show what each team member does that is effective and adds to team performance. Mention each person’s strengths with the team and others in the organization to build your team’s reputation and encourage opportunities for involvement in cross-department projects. Building up team members and facilitating their career growth show you care about their professional development.

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