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Is Now the Time for a Career Change?

Like most people at some point, you may be wondering whether to continue doing the work you do or make a change. Maybe you dread getting up in the morning and forcing yourself to go to the office. Perhaps you have been in the same field for years but have lost interest. Because you spend more time at work than anywhere else, you owe it to yourself to find a fulfilling career. If you are looking for accounting jobs in Orange County, get in touch with Alliance Resource Group.


If you find that your heart is not in your work and you are operating on autopilot, then it is time to find a new job. Perhaps your manager avoids implementing your ideas and continues to run things as they always have. Maybe you feel stuck in the same role and continuously passed over for promotions. Think about what you care about most and want to experience in your workplace. Your values may include autonomy, community, creativity, overcoming obstacles, or working toward something bigger than you. Determine which type of culture you thrive in. That may be fast-paced or slow, highly collaborative or independent, casual or conservative. Use your knowledge to plan your next career move.

Energy Depletion

If you have to force yourself to go to work each day and come home exhausted, then you need to make a career change. Think about which aspect of work is most draining. It could be the subject matter, colleagues, or commute. Then, consider which activities, people, and environments provide you energy throughout the day. They may include topics you find fascinating, tasks that make you lose track of time, or things that you want to learn more about and become better at. Determine why you like them. Perhaps you enjoy accounting because the numbers have to fit together and can help you plan for the future. Use your findings to guide your career change.


If you feel envious of the work your friend is doing, then you may want to work in their field. Although you may have established a career path over many years, you might feel more fulfilled by pursuing another interest and seeing what develops. Identify what makes you envious of your friend’s work. Perhaps you want to become a controller to guide how a company brings in revenue, pays invoices, protects its assets, and plans for the future. Break down the components of your friend’s job to determine what makes you envious. Perhaps you love creating financial reports, delivering them to a variety of audience members, and explaining the numbers so that each person understands. Think about which types of jobs could fulfill your passion, then begin your search.

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