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Why Managers Should Attend Local Networking Events When Looking for New Hires

As a manager looking for new hires, you should be attending local networking events. Spending time where potential candidates do enhances your ability to maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates who may be open to a new opportunity. By casually meeting potential job seekers, you increase your company’s visibility, represent its brand, and set company standards, all of which add to your candidate pipeline. When looking for accounting or finance professionals in Southern California, take advantage of Alliance Resource Group’s professional recruitment services in Orange County.

Increase Company Visibility

Attending local networking events increases visibility for your company. The more regularly you are seen at industry events, the bigger your candidate pipeline becomes. Participating in networking events to exchange business cards with potential job seekers builds your network of candidates. Keep in mind which current and future roles you want to fill, which skills candidates need, and what you want to say to those people. Determine how you can uncover candidates’ experience, interests, and career goals to see if they fit your needs and may be interested in your organization. When a job opens up, you can reach out to qualified candidates for an interview.

Represent Your Company Brand

By participating in local networking events, you represent your company brand. Showing your brand to potential job candidates helps to attract workers who fit your culture and are more likely to succeed in a role. Setting the tone for your business and acting as a brand ambassador lets you engage with appropriate candidates to fill your pipeline. When they see your passion for your organization and learn about open positions, they are more likely to align with your attitude and beliefs and want to work for you.

Set Company Standards

Taking part in local networking events lets you set company standards. By behaving as employees are expected to, potential candidates learn which soft skills are necessary to succeed in your organization. Sharing valuable information about your business through personal interactions establishes rapport and builds interest in working for your company.

Stay in Contact

After each local networking event, maintain regular contact with the people you meet. Forward an article that may be of interest. Send a birthday or work anniversary card. Ask how their job is going and whether a promotion or other significant changes have been made. When a job opens up, contact qualified candidates to see if they are open to a new opportunity. Even if those candidates are not interested in a job change at the moment, they may know someone who is. Offer to take interested candidates to coffee or lunch to share details.

Take Advantage of Professional Recruitment Services in Orange County

To fill your accounting and finance positions, take advantage of Alliance Resource Group’s professional recruitment services in Orange County. From our first meeting to your final hiring decision, and throughout the candidate’s first year and beyond, we stay in touch to ensure a smooth, satisfactory process. Get in touch with us today.