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The Secret to Managing Your Email Inbox Effectively!

Although email is an extremely effective communication tool, it can hinder productivity. If you are like most people, you may spend more than a quarter of each work day reading and answering emails. As a business leader, answering hundreds or thousands of emails daily drains your time and energy. To maximize your time and minimize distractions, implement these strategies to better manage your inbox. When searching for accounting or finance professionals, take advantage of Alliance Resource Group’s executive Recruitment Services in Southern California .

Schedule Time to Check Email

Set blocks of time throughout the day to check your email. Mark your calendar and set your availability to “busy.” Silence your phone and close your door to avoid interruptions. Include with your email signature a reply stating that due to high workload, you are checking and responding to email at certain times daily. Include a phone number you may be reached at for assistance that cannot wait. Close your email when finished to avoid hearing alerts from incoming messages that interrupt your workflow and disrupt your focus.

Organize Your Inbox

Create labels, folders, and categories to organize your inbox. Keep messages related to key parts of your company, especially correspondence between clients, colleagues and employees, and delete the rest. Create umbrella categories for general subjects such as clients, projects, and finances, then use subcategories to file messages related to specific clients or projects. Or, organize your messages into five folders: Inbox, Today, This Week, This Month/Quarter, and FYI. Move each email according to when you need to respond by or whether you may need the information for future reference. If a subject line is not search-friendly, edit it before archiving.

Take Immediate Action

Make quick decisions to immediately take action with each message. Start by browsing to see which emails can be deleted, such as spam or promotional messages. Next, choose the emails that do not need a response and delete or archive them. Then, determine which messages are most critical. Respond to each within 48 hours.

Use Email Tools

Implement email tools to stay organized. For instance, Gmail Labs lets you enable or disable tools to create automatic responses. And, the Multiple Inboxes feature combines personal, business, and other inboxes into one. Outlook lets you sync with your Google or iPhone calendar to keep your events in one space. Or, you can set up a client distribution list to quickly message a group.

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