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Top Tips for Overcoming Career Shift Anxiety and Nerves

Navigating a career change causes anxiety. Changing your commute to interact with a new manager and colleagues in an unfamiliar office space is stressful. Even though you took the job to expand your professional path, the desire to make a good impression and excel at your job duties most likely is high. Use these tricks to overcome anxiety when changing your career. For help finding the Best Finance Jobs in Southern California, partner with Alliance Resource Group.

Familiarize Your Workplace

Get acquainted with your new office. For instance, learn all you can about your colleagues, the facilities, and department and company procedures. Ask your manager what time you should arrive, what your work hours are, and whether to bring a laptop, lunch, or other items. Commute to the location prior to your first day. Before starting work, walk a few laps around your floor and desk area to learn where things are. Personalize your workspace with pictures of family and friends, a coffee mug, and other items that bring you joy. Having somewhere to go that’s familiar becomes your known in an unknown situation.

Control Your Physiology

Be aware of how your body reacts to feelings of anxiety and stress so you can control them. For instance, use breathing techniques to restore balance throughout your mind and body. Breathe slowly and deeply on your way to work. Take bathroom breaks during the day for additional slow, deep breathing. Controlling your breathing helps you control your thoughts and actions, reducing your physical reactions to new situations.

Recite Positive Affirmations

Focus your mind on positive affirmations. For instance, remember that you were hired because you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to excel in the role. You were chosen from multiple candidates because of your interpersonal skills, including your ability to adapt to new situations. When you focus on performing well, you project confidence.

Dress Up

Wear a dressy outfit on your first day. Unless you were told to wear casual attire, it is better to be a bit overdressed than too laid-back. You will see how colleagues dress and get a feel for what is acceptable. You also will learn how the company feels about tattoos and piercings.

Establish a Routine

Create a routine to boost your mental health. Because you will not have established your work responsibilities yet, you can establish a schedule for what you do when you arrive at the office, take your lunch break, check email, and perform other activities. Getting into a routine provides stability and knowing what should happen next, reducing sources of anxiety.

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