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How to Mentally Prepare for a Workplace Presentation When You’re Typically More Introverted

As an introvert, you probably are more comfortable alone or in a small group than with a crowd of people. However, there will be times at work when you need to deliver a presentation to a potentially large audience. Because you already have the knowledge and skills needed to deliver, your focus should be on preparing your presentation, interacting with your audience, and executing your strategy to make things easier on yourself. For help finding top accounting and finance professionals, introverted or not, reach out to Alliance Resource Group, the leader in Finance Recruitment Solutions.

Structure Your Presentation

Give structure to your presentation. Create a beginning, middle, and end in any order you choose. Focus on the who, what, where, when, and why for your main topics. Include more visuals than text. Infographics and templates with a stimulating color palette help your audience focus on your idea. Write a basic script about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Time yourself as you practice with your slides. When you feel proficient, practice a few times in front of a mirror.    

Include Extras

Go beyond sharing information to engage your audience. For instance, come up with an icebreaker to have the audience participate in a simple activity. Use humor throughout your presentation to maintain interest. At the end, provide clear action your audience can take to implement what they learned. If your presentation is more than half an hour, provide a break so your audience can process what you said with a short video or activity. 

Choose Your Wardrobe

Wear professional attire. Choose clothing with blues and greens, which promote calmness, learning, and growth. You will feel more confident and have a positive impact on your audience. Go through a dress rehearsal before giving your presentation to improve your readiness. 

Monitor Your Body Language

Watch the signals your body gives off during your presentation. For instance, smile, stand up straight, and keep your shoulders loose so you breathe and relax. Use welcoming hand gestures as you speak. Maintain eye contact with your audience. Change positions with each slide.  

Request Feedback

Prepare yourself to ask for feedback about your presentation. No matter how well you deliver, there always is room for improvement. Members of your audience who interact with you are quality choices for providing feedback. Or, invite everyone to stay after and talk with you about what they learned or request a copy of your presentation. Be sure to include your contact information so others can reach you at a later time. Otherwise, leave short surveys asking for how you performed and how you can do better. 

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