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Is Your Work-Life Balance Tipping Out of Control?

Like most people, work may be invading your personal life. You may be racking up hours in an attempt to get promoted. Or, you could have more work than one person can handle and be trying to get everything done on time. However, poor work-life balance mean you probably feel fatigued and unable to think clearly or work productively. Family and friends probably feel neglected because you miss many important events. As a result, you need to manage the demands of career and personal time to maintain happiness. For help with finding accounting and finance professionals to join your team and free up time for other activities, reach out to Alliance Resource Group, the leader in Finance Recruiting in Los Angeles. 

Consider the Impact of Your Choices

Be aware of how your actions enhance or detract from your personal and professional life. For instance, you may go to the office early, work through lunch, and stay late because you took on too much and committed to unrealistic deadlines. In contrast, if you put work email on your phone and have alerts sound every time a message reaches your inbox, you may put your phone away during personal time or silence it outside of work hours to participate in activities that you enjoy. Acknowledge what is and is not working for you and adjust accordingly.  

Focus on Your Values

Decide which values are most important to you and plan your schedule accordingly. For instance, make a list of things that are important to you. Examples may include family, friends, hobbies, spirituality, career, exercise, free time, or travel. Choose the three most important things. Those are the values you want to begin quickly integrating into your life. For each value, consider why it is important to you, how it benefits you, what prevents you from making it a bigger part of your experience, and what you must limit or give up to implement it. Make small changes to include those values in your life.   

Manage Your Time

Because you cannot create time, you need to properly manage yours. Cut out or delegate activities you do not enjoy or cannot handle. Respectfully say no when your time already is booked and you are asked to take on another project. Check your email only three times per day — late morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon – so you take care of your own needs first. Ask about implementing a flexible schedule, compressed work week, or remote work options to lessen your commute time. Shorten your commitments and reduce interruptions so you remain focused on your tasks. Talk with your manager or colleagues for help when needed.    

Gain Work-Life Balance with Help from Alliance Resource Group

Let Alliance Resource Group help you gain work-life balance. We provide the interim, executive, and temporary staff members you need to free up time while maintaining your accounting or finance department. Reach out to the leaders in Finance Recruiting in Los Angeles today!