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Stop Skipping Lunch! Even If You’re Busy…Everyone Needs a 30-Minute Break to Refuel and Recharge

As a busy leader, you may be constantly finishing tasks and completing projects. You also may believe that you have no time for breaks. Although you might think that working through lunch will help you remain productive, the opposite is true. You are more efficient and effective when you take regular breaks, including a lunch break. For help freeing up time to refuel and recharge by brining aboard temporary or permanent staff, talk with Alliance Resource Group for all your Finance Recruitment Solutions. 

How Skipping Meals Affects Your Body

Missing meals has detrimental effects on your body. For instance, your blood sugar goes down, which disrupts your ability to think straight and may cause headaches. Your brain needs glucose to efficiently work. If there is not enough, you cannot function at your best level. Low blood sugar also causes feelings of irritability, confusion, and fatigue. As a result, your body begins to increase production of cortisol, causing feelings of stress and hunger. Plus, skipping meals may cause your metabolism to slow down, resulting in weight gain or difficulty losing weight. Because not eating for a long time causes your body to go into survival mode, your cells crave food, causing you to eat a lot. You typically crave unhealthy foods and eat accordingly. In most cases, you exceed your daily limit of caloric intake, further increasing your weight.   

Food Is Fuel for Your Body

Because eating is how your body gets fuel, skipping lunch may have negative effects on your digestive system, sleep schedule, and exercise performance. Since carbohydrates are your brain’s main source of fuel, eating carbs, especially slow-release carbohydrates found in whole grains and vegetables, improves your memory. Proteins and fats help your brain function as well. The macronutrients provided enhance your overall performance. For this reason, your lunch should include carbs from whole grains or vegetables; protein such as lean meat, eggs, beans or nuts; and a healthy fat such as olive oil or avocado.  

Methods to Avoid Skipping Meals

There are many methods you can implement to ensure you eat enough each day. For instance, eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. Keep a snack such as yogurt or a granola bar handy. Eat high-protein and high-fiber snacks such as a hard-boiled egg or handful of nuts to remain full longer. Plan your meals in advance and prepare them the night before. Schedule your activities for the week to avoid over committing yourself or falling behind. Step away from your computer and eat lunch by a window. Whenever possible, eat outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Make a lunch date with family, friends, or colleagues and commit to showing up 

Free Up Time with Help from Alliance Resource Group

Whether you need to free up time by bringing aboard an interim professional, permanent executive, or temporary staff member, Alliance Resource Group can help. We have the Finance Recruitment Solutions needed to assist with your workflow needs. Talk with us today!