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Why You Should Always Take an Interview…Even If You’re Not Actively Looking for Work

The best employees always are on the lookout for job opportunities. They like keeping their options open, sharpening their skills, and learning to interact with different personalities. Even if top talent is not looking to change employers, they appreciate seeing what is out there and how their jobs compare. When you are in the market for your next accounting job in Southern California, contact Alliance Resource Group, a leader in Accounting Recruitment Agencies. 

Find Your Next Potential Employer

Even if you do not want to find a new job, you may change your mind after going on an interview. The office may fit your personality, you might instantly connect with the employees, and you the work could be exactly what you would love to do. If offered the position, begin thinking about negotiations.    

Gain Interview Practice

Regardless of whether a job interests you, going on an interview lets you practice your skills. Although you may be well-versed in sharing information about yourself or recent challenges you overcame, using your skills in an actual interview is more beneficial than practicing with family or friends. Especially if you have not interviewed in a while, you could face questions you did not prepare for. You might find out that there are writing tests or opportunities to meet with potential colleagues during your interview. Plus, the more settings, interviewer personalities, and questions you are exposed to, the more prepared you will be when you land a meeting with your dream employer.   

Gather Insider Information

By participating in random interviews, you discover what hiring managers are looking for in top candidates. Focusing on interview questions about your background and skills shows what interviewers are most interested in and gives you an idea of how to stand out in the future. Plus, you get an inside look at how companies do things and can take the information back to your job. For instance, you may ask the interviewer what types of systems their team uses, or how they dealt with some of the recent changes in the field. In this way, you gain free industry advice without having to share where you got it from.      

Remember That Things Change

Although you may love your current role, keep in mind that things can change at any time. You may like your boss, be performing well, and receiving positive feedback. However, your boss might leave, there may not be money in the budget for the raise you deserve, or you could be downsized. By keeping your options open, you may discover a higher starting salary, better work environment, or amazing benefits elsewhere.  

Find Your Next Role with Alliance Resource Group

When looking for your next accounting role, partner with Alliance Resource Group. As a leader in Southern California Accounting Recruitment Agencies our recruiters specialize in your subject matter, expertise, and background and can match you with client companies looking to fill roles. Contact us today!