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Struggling to Focus? Take a 20-Minute Walk to Refocus Before Your Afternoon at Work

Like most people, you probably experience a mid-afternoon slump during work. Feeling tired can increase frustration, induce stress, and make it hard to focus. To combat these issues, schedule a 20-minute walk during work each afternoon. In addition to improving your health, you will elevate your mood, feel more creative, and be able to focus on your work. When thinking about a job change during your walks, be sure to check out Alliance Resource Group’s accounting jobs in Los Angeles.   

Lighten Your Mood 

Taking a walk lessens brain fatigue and frustration that result from making decisions all day. Exposure to the sun alleviates sluggishness and boosts productivity. Walking outside lowers stress and increases rejuvenation. Going for a walk helps you feel good about yourself, reducing bouts of depression. Everything works together to avoid burnout.  

Replenish Your Focus 

Walking increases your energy level, helps you focus better, and makes you less prone to distractions. When it comes time to take a break, opt for a walk outside rather than checking your phone or choosing another activity that takes away your mental strengthClearing your head increases your ability to think about what you are working on and get more done in less time.  

Promote Creativity 

Going for a walk promotes creativity. Letting your mind wander as you move helps you come up with new ideas and solutions to problems. You might decide to research an aspect of your work that requires creative thinking, then mull it over during your walk. Bring a notebook and pen with you to write down what you come up with. You can implement your ideas when you get back to work. 

Maintain Health 

Taking a walk often is favorable to working out or engaging in other forms of exercise. Walking is free, enjoyable, and part of everyday life. You are able to lose weight or gain less weight even if you modify nothing else in your life. Walking also can prevent peripheral artery disease, which impairs blood flow in the legs and can cause pain. Plus, you should develop fewer colds by walking every day.   

Focus on Finding a New Accounting Role 

When the time comes to find a new accounting role, check out Alliance Resource Group’s accounting jobs in Los Angeles As part of our career coaching and placement process, we include resume design and tips, questions to ask the interviewer, post-interview correspondence and more. Reach out to us today!