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Growing Talent from Within: How to Offer Development Opportunities to Your Team

 Developing your team is an important part of your leadership position. Your members look to you for training and support to increase their skills and experience, maximize their performance, and move up in the organization. For this reason, you need to be aware of what training your teammates need and find ways to provide it. Follow these guidelines for ways to develop your team’s talent. For assistance finding top accounting and finance professionals, contact the premier accounting and finance recruiters at Alliance Resource Group. 

Identify Training Needs 

Start by determining your team members’ developmental needs. Review and update their job descriptions, talk with your teammates, and watch them in action. Ask questions to uncover skill gaps. For instance, what is a key part of each person’s role? What is your team’s most pressing performance issue? Find out what they need to be successful in their roles and provide relevant opportunities.  

Select Proper Training Methods 

Choose training methods that suit each team member’s needs. Keep in mind that everyone learns at a different pace and through different sources. The majority of learning happens through experience, such as by engaging in daily tasks. Some learning happens through conversations, such as coaching. Other learning comes from traditional training courses. You may implement on-the-job training, where a newer team member works alongside a seasoned one. You might use instructor-led training, where your entire team is taught in a classroom. You could choose active training, which involves games and role-playing to maintain engagement.  

Implement Coaching 

Many performance gaps may be closed with coaching. Regularly provide confidential, relaxed, individual conversations with your team. Identify and deal with issues ranging from helping teammates achieve goals for improving performance issues. Models such as GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) may create a structure for your talks. Positive modeling helps your team find purpose in their work. Practice modeling focuses on problem-solving.  

Delegate Work 

Effectively delegating work strengthens your team. They need opportunities to develop skills and gain experience. Clearly explain what needs to be done, then hand over the task. Provide the guidance and support needed as you develop trust, confidence, and empowerment among your teammates. They will be more motivated to take on additional tasks and reach shared goals. 

Cross Train 

Implement methods for your team to share their skills and knowledge with each other. Through cross-trainingif a member is absent or leaves the company, your team will be better prepared to take on that person’s responsibilities or manage the transition.   

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