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How Should You React to a Top Candidate Who Might Be Overqualified for the Job You’re Hiring For?

In today’s economy, overqualified candidates often apply for positions below their skill set. Although you may be concerned that they will leave once a better opportunity opens up, remember that overqualified candidates bring to your business years of experience, leadership potential and a reduced learning curve. As a result, you should stay open to seeing why they applied for the role and what they’re looking for in their career development.

Determine Whether the Candidate Truly Wants the Job

Uncover the candidate’s reasons for applying for the role. Perhaps it fits into their career path, they want a less stressful position or have always wanted to work in the field and are making it happen. If the candidate can provide clear, specific reasons for wanting the position, continue the interview.

Ask How the Candidate Feels About Starting at the Bottom

Find out whether the candidate is OK with starting again at the bottom. Ask questions about times when they worked their way up and what their work style is like. Find out how the candidate responds to constructive criticism, deals with dull tasks and would describe their relationships with past supervisors. If what you hear is acceptable, move forward with your conversation.

Find Out the Candidate’s Feelings About Growth

Ask the candidate whether they see themselves higher up in the organization in a year or two. If your company is small and has no room for advancement anytime soon, they probably aren’t a good fit. Be honest about the situation so you both can search for other options. If there is room for advancement and the candidate wants to move up, let them know about upcoming opportunities they may be interested in. They may be an excellent fit for a new initiative or product launch coming in the near future. Move forward in the hiring process.

Consult the Candidate’s References

See what the candidate’s references have to say. Talk with former bosses and colleagues to see how they feel the candidate might respond to starting over. Determine whether they have a positive outlook and willingness to take on any task. Find out whether they are self-motivated, follow instructions and respond well to constructive criticism. Ask about the candidate’s response when things don’t go their way. If the answers are in favor, move ahead with the hiring process.

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