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Three Management Books to Help You Develop New Skills This Fall

With the changing Fall weather, focus more time indoors on reading management books. Studying books on leadership, strategy, managing and motivating people will help you grow as a leader and move forward in your career. Here are three management books to help you develop new skills this Fall. When looking for new job to gain additional skills, partner with the experienced Finance and Accounting Recruiters from Alliance Resource Group.  


Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

Herminia Ibarra’s bestseller demonstrates how moving from an individual contributor role to a leadership position is a daunting career move. She suggests having a guide to prepare you to lead your team, company and career and help complete your mission. Ibarra talks about becoming a leader by plunging into new projects and activities, interacting with a variety of people, and experimenting with new ways of accomplishing tasks. During transitions and uncertainty, thinking and introspection must follow action and experimentation. As a leader, you need to seek new knowledge, experiences and networks to become more effective. Ibarra recommends leaders spend their time building bridges to diverse people and groups to develop different viewpoints about the big picture and opportunity, envision new possibilities and engage people in the change process to get things done.   



Liz Wiseman’s book shows why some leaders help everyone around them become smarter while other leaders seem to drain people’s knowledge and capability. Leaders can be described as Multipliers, who amplify the intelligence of those around them, or Diminishers, who drain others’ intelligence, energy and capability. While Multipliers lead teams that can solve challenging problems, achieve high goals and increase their capacity over time, Diminishers lead teams that operate in silos, find it hard to get things done and appear unable to accomplish goals. Whereas teams working for Multipliers set clear guidelines, move quickly and develop others to reach their full potential, teams working for Diminishers typically experience changing ideas or requirements, move slowly no matter how hard they work and are under-utilized. To become a better Multiplier, you must focus on challenging others, helping them figure out things and encouraging collaboration.    


ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization

Sandy Asch and Tim Mulligan use real-world stories, best practices and strategies based on 100 years of exceptional leadership to demonstrate how the San Diego Zoo created a culture where employees love their jobs and are inspired to high performance. They show how other organizations can adopt best practices to do the same. By recognizing that people matter most, leaders like you can focus on cultural transformation, alignment and engagement to create lasting organizational resiliency.  


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