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Question: How Can I Get My Introvert Employees to Speak Up in a Meeting and Share Their Thoughts?

Having a voice in the work environment is important. However, introvert employees tend to be more observers than talkers. They prefer to take in everything around them and process it before sharing a response. That can be challenging when everyone is talking at once or people are dominating the conversation. For this reason, you must encourage your introvert employees to speak up during meetings. To find top accounting and finance professionals, work with Alliance Resource Group, a leader among L.A. Recruitment Agencies 

Request a Memo

Ask an introvert staff member to compose a memo to help lead a discussion. They may create an article, project update or suggested idea to circulate among other staff and generate discussion. Others will come to the introvert instated of the introvert going to them.    


Ask for Feedback

Let introvert team members know in advance when you’d like feedback on an issue. If they know they’re expected to participate, they’re more likely to do so. Ask open-ended questions about their opinions. Suggest ways your teammates can contribute so they come prepared. Create space and pave the way for introverts to easily speak up.  


Give Thanks for Sharing

Thank introvert teammates for publicly sharing their thoughts. Let them know how excellent you thought their answer was. Encourage them to continue contributing to the conversation.  


Point Out Risks of Not Speaking Up

Have a one-on-one meeting to let introvert staff know the risks of not speaking up. Because they’re expected to contribute to conversations, they need to know they’re not reaching company standards. Discuss the impact of speaking up and not speaking up by using specific examples. Mention how not sharing their ideas and knowledge may be putting the team at risk.   


Encourage Public Speaking Classes

Suggest your introvert team members take public speaking classes. Programs such as Toastmasters teach how to talk when put on the spot. They provide practical training and experience for employees to become more comfortable speaking in front of groups. Providing a safe environment helps introverts come out of their shell.   


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