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How to Open Up to Your Boss to Discuss Workplace Stress and Challenges…So You Don’t Have to Quit!

Feeling stress in your job is a normal part of your finance career. Regularly feeling overwhelmed and anxious isn’t. If you feel unreasonably stressed at work, you need to talk with someone. Learn how to open up to your boss to discuss workplace stress by following these guidelines. When it comes time to find a new finance job, contact Alliance Resource Group, leaders in enhancing Finance Careers in Los Angeles    

Determine What’s Stressing You

Figure out exactly why you’re stressed. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to focus due to too much work, unreasonable deadlines or spending too much time in meetingsColleagues might continually pass off work that you don’t have time for. Or, you may have been working too many hours just to fit it all in and go above and beyond expectations. Perhaps you feel that your contributions aren’t being noticed, or you aren’t connecting with others or being able to use your creativity. Be specific about which projects or issues you feel most anxious about and why. Write down everything expected of you for the week. Pay attention to the projects and tasks you’ve been putting off. Determine what’s causing you to procrastinate rather than finish them.  


Manage Your Expectations

If you’re a high achiever, you need to put aside your lofty personal standards and prioritize your mental well-being. Expect difficult conversations with your boss about doing what’s right for you and what’s right for the work. For instance, although you may request time off to recover, your boss might not allow you to take a break. If you ask to work remotely for a few days, they may be unable to accommodate you. Work on reaching a compromise until your boss and you are satisfied with the agreement.  


Talk with Your Boss

Set a time to talk with your boss. They have control over your workload and deadlines. Express your concerns and desire to work together to find solutions. Review your project list and concern about the issue most affecting you. Engage your boss in the process so that they know why you may miss a deadline. They may take some responsibilities off your plate so you can continue to accomplish tasks and finish projects on time. 


Find a New Finance Job 

When the time comes to find a new finance job, work with Alliance Resource Group. As leading experts in enhancing Finance Careers in Los Angeles,, wcan match you with dynamic companies that provide job opportunities to take your finance career to the next level. Contact us today.