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7 Tips to Motivate Your Workforce & End 2019 on a High Note

As the end of the fiscal year draws near, the final three months will determine whether your team met their goals and made more progress than the previous year. With the holidays approaching, motivating staff and increasing productivity is challenging. Fortunately, there are ways for you to encourage your employees to continue producing. Here are seven tips to motivate your workforce to end 2019 on a high note. When you’re in the market for experienced accounting and finance professionals, partner with Alliance Resource Group, one of the leading Recruiting Agencies in L.A. 

Promote Collaboration

Encourage your teammates to provide ideas to improve their jobs, the department or company. Ask questions, listen to their answers and implement their solutions when possible. Show that you appreciate what your team members have to say.   


Set Goals

Work with your employees to establish goals. They need to know which projects take priority and need to be finished first. Examine your Q1 objectives to see which objectives you attained and which still need work. Reset your Q4 goals to regain employee focus and provide new targets to aim for. Ensure the goals are challenging but realistic so that staff work to reach them. Be sure your teammates know what their role is, when they need to reach milestones by and how success will be measured.   


Allow Flexibility

Provide your staff flexibility with their jobs. Let them work remotely and set their schedules as much as possible. If you need your team to be available by phone or at the office during certain times for meetings or other reasons, offer flexibility around those hours. Team members are more productive when they can fit in personal needs around work, especially during the holidays.   


Recognize Contributions

Praise your team members for their efforts. They should be going above and beyond in Q4 and deserve extra recognition. Expressing appreciation shows that you’re paying attention to their work. Motivation and engagement increase when staff know they’re being held accountable for their actions.  


Provide Incentives

Offer incentives for your team to continue producing. Having something to work toward can dramatically increase performance levels and create healthy competition among your team. Additional PTO days for 2020 for the biggest contributor can be more meaningful than a gift card or bonus.   


Lead by Example

Model the behavior you want to see. Because actions speak louder than words, demonstrate how important what you talk about is by doing it. If you expect your team to push themselves to their limits, then do the same for yourself. Arrive early to work, stay late and get done as much as possible. Take breaks throughout the day, including lunch. Eat small meals and healthy snacks to stay fueled.   


Get Your Team Ready for 2020

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