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What Makes Alliance Resource Group a Better Option for Our Clients?

As an accounting or finance manager, you may be wondering what sets apart Alliance Resource Group from the other professional staffing agencies. You might be looking for a top firm with candidates who have hard-to-find skills. Or, you could be looking for staff to fill interim or temporary roles. Find out why we are the leading Accounting and Finance Recruitment Agency in Orange County and L.A. and why you should work with us.  

Market Knowledge  

As the leader in financial recruiting expertise and knowledge of the Southern California talent community, Alliance Resource Group understands business. We recruit, consult and solve problems to deliver intelligent hiring strategies. We create a thorough understanding of candidates’ competencies and interests to provide you with greater employee engagement and retention. Our collaborative, consultative and strategic approach to hiring means we are fully invested in your long-term success. We help you find the right talent and provide a proper compensation package to make more informed hiring decisions.  

Evaluation of Your Needs 

At Alliance Resource Group, we evaluate your needs and our candidates’ needs to find the right fit. In the past few years, we have noticed the increased demand for and a tight supply of qualified accounting and finance candidatesFor instance, our Executive Search Division saw a high demand for accounting, finance, tax, treasury and audit professionals. Our consulting and temporary staffing divisions experienced significant demand as well. The narrow supply of qualified permanent candidates, the backlog of work due to staffing shortages and project-based initiatives like systems upgrades and implementations caused some of our clients to hire interim consultants until a permanent hire was located. Other clients hired temporary staff to alleviate the burden of project and day-to-day deliverables on their employees. Clients looking for enhanced levels of service beyond what our traditional contingency search model provides, such as candidates for technically specific roles, opted for our Container search. A Container search combines the speed of a contingency search with the precision of a retained search to fill the most challenging hiring needs. 

Driving Better Results 

Because we anticipate the competition to hire and retain top accounting and finance talent in 2020, Alliance Resource Group remains committed to filling your staffing needs. Since our compensation is based on results rather than activity, we focus on matching you with professionals best equipped to be successful with your companyWe source active and passive talent to provide high-quality candidates you may not have time to find on your own. Our deep networks provide you with access to professionals with the skills and experience you’re looking for. We anticipate your staffing needs and provide candidates who meet your technical requirements and fit your culture for long-term success.  

Download the Alliance Resource Group Salary Guide 2020 

Download the Alliance Resource Group Salary Guide 2020 today. Gain additional insight and information into why you should trust us with all of your accounting and finance staffing needs. Then get in touch to let us know how we can help you.