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What Negative Messages Are You Sending When You Show Up Late to a Meeting?

Almost everyone is late to a meeting at some point. Unexpected circumstances may develop that prevent us from being punctual. However, making a habit of showing up late to meetings sends a variety of negative messages. Not being at least five minutes early gives the impression that whatever kept you was more important than respecting your team’s time. Even if nobody says anything, they most likely resent your chronically putting other priorities ahead of theirs. Find out other negative messages you’re sending by showing up late to meetings and how you can improve. To find punctual finance professionals for your team, contact the top Corporate Finance Recruiters in Orange County at Alliance Resource Group. 

You Are More Important Than Your Team 

Habitually being late to meetings says that your time is more important than others’ and, in extension, your time is more valuable. As a result, it’s OK for you to keep others waiting. The frustration this power play causes your team can affect how they feel about you. Like you, your team members have full workloads and need as much time as possible to complete their tasks. Your teammates may be less willing to collaborate with you because you demonstrate how unreliable you are.  

You Are Very Disorganized  

Chronically being late to meetings shows that you’re very disorganized. The fact that you can’t effectively arrange your schedule to be punctual brings your credibility into question. You can’t inspire confidence for your team if you can’t promptly show up for a prescheduled business activity. Colleagues will be less inclined to want you on their team when a project needs to be completed. They’ll most likely have to pick up the slack when you don’t produce desired results on time.  

You Don’t Really Value Your Relationships 

Often being late to meetings demonstrates that you don’t truly value your relationships with your manager and teammates. If your team were important to you, you’d attend meetings on time. Your team members could become averse to working with you on projects. They also might not want to socialize with you outside of the office because you aren’t on time for events. 

You Need Guidance in Being Punctual 

Showing up late for meetings tells your team you need to learn how to be on time. Fortunately, it’s easy to make small changes that have significant impact on your punctuality. For instance, allow an additional 10-15 minutes between appointments in case something unexpected happens. Set your clocks ahead 5-10 minutes so you leave for your meeting sooner. Activate reminders on your computer and phone to let yourself know you have to go to your meeting in half an hour. Agree to only necessary tasks that fit your schedule so you can be on time for meetings.   

Hire Punctual Team Members 

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