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How Might You Attract a Passive Candidate to Apply to Your Tax Accountant Role?

In many cases, top candidates already are employed. Because these candidates enjoy their work and comprise the majority of the workforce, they typically don’t look for other employment. This is one reason why you need to source passive candidates and encourage them to work for you. Proactively reaching out to employed candidates to solicit interest in your open tax accountant role or other specialized positions provides you access to candidates with the hard-to-find skills needed to impact your company. If you need additional information, reach out to Alliance Resource Group, Orange County and L.A.’s leading Accounting and Finance Recruitment Agency.

Request Employee Referrals

Ask employees for referrals. Referred candidates are more likely to reach out to a company because of a personal connection than through a recruiter or hiring manager. Let your team know what you’re looking for in a tax accountant, then see whom they know who would excel in the role. Because people spend time with like-minded people, and your employees already blend with company culture, their referrals should as well. Be sure to offer a bonus or other incentive for referrals who get hired.

Use Social Media

Since the majority of people have social media profiles, use various platforms to connect with passive candidates. For instance, use Twitter’s advanced search functionality to find profiles with industry-related keywords and hashtags. Then, refine your search based on location and other important criteria. Send passive candidates an outreach message through Facebook. Cultivate relationships with those who respond. Create a sponsored Snapchat or Instagram story showcasing your company culture to catch passive candidates’ attention. A tax accountant may see your posts and decide to apply.

Focus on Growth Opportunities

Because passive candidates tend to stay with one employer for an extended time, point out opportunities for growth within your organization. Show why working for you will enhance a candidate’s career more than working for their current employer. Focus on what your company has to offer that theirs doesn’t, such as additional benefits and perks. Highlight reasons the role would be a great fit for a passive tax accountant. Point out why your company culture is so attractive.

Create a Database

Store all candidate information in an applicant tracking system (ATS) or other databases. Although a candidate might not have been a good fit for one role, odds are they’re a better match for a different position. You can search by keywords related to the open role to verify which candidates have the required strengths, skills and experiences. You then can narrow down your pool based on other qualifications. Stay in touch with candidates to remain current on their career goals, skills, qualifications and experiences.

Download Our 2020 Financial Salary Guide and Employment Outlook

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