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Is Your Resume a TRUE Representation of Who You Are or Just Buzzwords and Fluff?

Given the competitive atmosphere of the job market, you need your resume to show exactly why you’re most qualified for a role. For this reason, you need to avoid using filler words that take up space but don’t provide value for a hiring manager. Because a manager spends 10 seconds or less to decide whether you’re qualified for a position, you need to carefully choose words that show why your skills, experience, and qualifications make you the best candidate. Find out how to create a resume that’s a true representation of who you are, not just buzzwords and fluff. For help finding your next finance role, partner with Alliance Resource Group, a leading Orange County Finance Staffing Agency.

Buzzwords to Avoid

Avoid using buzzwords on your resume. For instance, instead of including “hard worker,” give examples of how you go the extra mile. Use words like “achieved” with examples of what you’ve accomplished. Leave out words such as “innovative.” Rather, provide examples of how you develop and implement new ideas and processes. Forget “excellent communicator.” Replace the words with examples of how your communication skills resulted in specific positive outcomes. Take out “responsible.” Be specific about your level of authority, such as whether you launched or managed a project. Use metrics, data or other statistics to show the impact you made.

Words to Include

Determine which words are most appropriate for your resume. Base your decision on your current goals and the jobs you want to apply for. Gather postings that describe the type of role you want. Study how each company describes the position, its responsibilities and its primary requirements. Note key phrases, terms, and technical skills common in the postings. Incorporate the skills and qualities you have into your resume. This gets your resume past the applicant tracking system (ATS) and into the hiring manager’s hands.

Verbs to Add

Rather than using weak verbs such as “responsible for,” “managed” or “assisted with,” use strong action verbs to describe your career. For instance, rather than “managed,” try “directed,” “guided” or “facilitated.” Instead of “helped,” use “coached,” “represented” or “clarified.” Replace “created” with “designed,” “originated” or “shaped.”

Results to Focus On

Instead of focusing on your responsibilities, focus on what you accomplished. Your results are more important than what your duties were. Show how you brought about positive change in your work environment and the differences you made. Hiring managers respond more to innovators than executors.

Have an Expert Recruiter Review Your Resume

Have an expert recruiter at Alliance Resource Group review your resume. We offer resume tips, questions to ask the interviewer, guidance on post-interview correspondence and other resources. See which jobs you want to apply for today.