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Why Every Manager Should Sit Down and Outline Key Goals with Their Employees

Company transparency builds trust among employees. This is one reason why sharing business goals with team members is a great idea. It provides a clear idea of what your team is working toward, which targets to hit by specific dates, and the steps needed to attain objectives. This is why you need to sit down with your employees and outline key goals in order to expand the company. For help finding top accounting and finance professionals in Orange County and L.A., get in touch with the Accounting and Finance Recruiters at Alliance Resource Group.

Gain Employee Buy-In

Outlining business goals and steps to achieve them encourages employee buy-in. When teammates know their responsibilities for reaching objectives, they’re more inclined to put in the work with an endpoint in mind. Allowing employee ideas and feedback along the way improves efficiency and effectiveness in reaching predetermined milestones. Teammates increase engagement, dedication and a sense of ownership as they progress toward final outcomes. Positive reinforcement such as praise and monetary incentives increases employee satisfaction, performance, and buy-in along the way.

Increase Morale

Working toward common goals increases employee morale. Team members playing an active role in reaching company objectives trust leaders more and collaborate more cohesively. This cultivates a culture of empowerment. Teammates feel more strongly invested in reaching business goals and finding meaning in their achievements. They’re strongly encouraged to continue putting in their best effort each day for the good of the organization.

Promote Transparency

Discussing business goals with employees increases transparency. Team members need to know why their roles matter and how their efforts contribute to the growth of the organization. Transparency encourages employee skills development, growth and confidence in reaching their full potential. Rewarding desired performance with bonuses, pay increases, paid time off, payments toward student loans, promotions, and recognition during meetings and in newsletters are top ways to show transparency in how much you appreciate your employees’ efforts.

Reach Growth Objectives

Knowledge of short- and long-term business goals helps employees move the company forward. Whether launching a new product line, addressing customer service challenges or reaching monthly sales goals, employees need to be clear on what they’re working toward to attain desired outcomes. Sharing specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely goals shows team members exactly what they need to do to reach desired results. Knowing which steps must be taken by certain deadlines to reach short-term objectives helps to meet big-picture objectives.

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