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Is a New Job with a Shorter Commute the Answer to Your Workplace Frustrations?

Studies show that a shorter commute is even more beneficial to you than a pay increase. Given the financial, emotional, and health costs involved with long commutes, you are better off finding a job you love that is closer to home. Here are three reasons why a new job with a shorter commute is the answer to your workplace frustrations.  

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Greater Life Satisfaction 

The more time it takes to get to work, the lower your life satisfaction most likely will be. Traffic jams, accidentsbad weather, road work, inconsiderate drivers, lack of parking spaces, and other factors increase your stress level. Since you probably feel rushed during a long commute, you most likely don’t find your long commute enjoyable. You might find yourself thinking about the activities you’d rather be doing, or what you’re missing out on while stuck in traffic. Sitting through a long commute means less time with your friends, partner, kids, hobbiessports, clubs, or other things that make you happy.   

Fewer Health Issues 

The more time it takes to get to work, the more health issues you’re likely to have. Having less leisure time means you’re less likely to exercise. Sitting for long periods contributes to obesity, high cholesterolheart disease, hypertension, cancer, and other health problems. Neck and back pain, low energy, and headaches often result. Digestive problems, sleep disturbances, and trouble concentrating are common. Pain, dizziness, and exhaustion tend to be evident. You’re more likely to experience higher levels of fatigue, worry, and depression and absences due to sickness than employees who live closer to the office.      

Lower Human Cost 

The more time it takes to get to work, the greater your human cost. Because your quality of life significantly goes down the longer your commute is, you may overestimate how important having a higher income is than having a shorter commute. As a result, a substantial number of people would rather work closer to home than travel farther to earn more money 

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