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How to Better Manage Your Remote Workforce to Maximize Productivity 

In response to the uncertainties created by COVID-19, your finance team probably is working remotely. If you are new to remote work, you may be experiencing challenges in leading your employees. Because you lack the daily, in-person interaction of the office, you are finding new ways to navigate forward during rapidly changing circumstances. Fortunately, there are research-based ways you can maximize productivity among your remote team. The next time you’re in the market for a financial executive, take advantage of the Financial Executive Search Support provided by Alliance Resource Group.

Set Up Daily Check-Ins

Schedule a time each day to briefly call, message, or video chat with team members. This creates a sense of normalcy while allowing you to set priorities and foster connections. If your employees typically work independently, reach out to each individual. If they typically collaborate, contact everyone together. Provide a set amount of time for each person to share what they are working on, ask questions, and voice concerns. Provide as much support and feedback as possible. If a subject requires additional discussion, set up a time to talk further.

Vary Communication Methods

Provide a variety of technology to communicate for specific purposes. A videoconferencing platform, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, works well for virtual meetings. Teammates learn more about each other through visual cues. They also feel more comfortable discussing complex or sensitive topics through video chat than by phone or email. A mobile-enhanced individual messaging platform, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, is great when quick collaboration is more important than visual detail. Team members can have simpler, less formal conversations or share time-sensitive communication. A project management tracking app, such as Asana or Trello, allows team members to share documents, ask and answer project-related questions, and have the information they need to finish their work on time.

Clarify Communication Expectations

Discuss your expectations for the frequency, means, and best timing of communication. For instance, you may decide to use videoconferencing for daily check-ins and IM for urgent matters. Let everyone know the best time and method to reach you during the workday. For instance, although you typically may be more available late afternoons by phone or video chat, you prefer a text if there’s an emergency earlier in the day. Remind teammates to be regularly communicating and sharing information with each other as their work requires.

Recognize Achievements

Provide your team with recognition for their hard work. Talk about specific actions a member took, such as going out of their way to help a colleague or reaching a company goal. Pointing out specific contributions to the team makes members feel valued and respected. This increases productivity and job satisfaction.

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