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Should You Take an Interview Even If You’re Not Actively Looking for a Job? 

Well, it depends.

Whether you’re seeking a new role or not, you should always take a recruiter’s call. Listen to them, keep an open mind and if you’re intrigued set up the interview. Even if you’re perfectly happy with your current job, it pays to be actively managing your career. In today’s turbulent job market, it pays to be strategic and be open to possibilities.

Our recruitment team has put together this list of benefits of taking an interview even when you’re not seeking a new role.

Gain Interview Experience

The more experience you have interviewing, the more confidence you gain. As with any skill, practice improves your performance. You learn to anticipate the types of interview questions asked, improve your responses, and deliver them more naturally. This helps you remain calmer and feel more comfortable during discussions. Since you are encouraged to practice before attending actual interviews, use the one you are invited to for a test run. Find out what interviewers are looking for so you can improve your performance for a job you truly desire.

Expand Your Network

The more industry professionals you meet, the greater your network. Talking with new people lets you build relationships that can benefit your career. Every interviewer you connect with can lead to job opportunities in the future.

Potentially Take a New Job

Once you interview for a job, you may decide you want it after all. Perhaps the job description did not completely emphasize things you are most excited about. Or, you may learn something you did not know about the company. Finding out more about the responsibilities, training options, and room for advancement may open up new challenges you want to take on. Or, the hiring manager may impress you so much that you want to work for them. Taking the time to meet with the interviewers could lead to your dream job.

Find a New Job Down the Road

If you decide you like the company but not the position, you may be able to apply for a future role more suited to your interests. Perhaps you are attracted to company culture, or really connect with the members of the accounting and finance team you met. Impressing the interviewers can increase your odds of being called about an opening down the road. Keep an eye on the company website to see when other jobs open up that fit your background and skill set.

Work With the Experts Who Look for the Win-Win-Win

Candidates that Alliance Resource Group has worked with over the years know we are not looking to just place people in typical corporate finance jobs. Our top priority is seeking out, meeting and partnering with top financial professionals across Southern California. We match these candidates with dynamic companies that provide job opportunities to take their accounting and finance careers to the next level. All of this is driven by our commitment to our Core Values.

With our candidate-first approach, we commit ourselves to finance and accounting professionals’ careers. Regardless of your level of experience, we have a dedicated recruiter who is a subject matter expert for your background. Whether you’re looking in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego or nationwide, we can help you.

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