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“Yes, and….” A Lesson in Saying Yes and Managing Expectations from Improv 101 

One pillar of improvisation is the acceptance principle of “yes, and…”. When someone in a scene states something, others accept it as truth and build on the reality. For instance, one person might say, “Thank you for cleaning the kitchen! It looks amazing.” Another person might respond, “Since you had to leave right away to help your grandmother, I wanted you to come home to a clean home.” This sets the scene as being in a kitchen, builds on it with information about someone visiting their grandmother, and shows that two people live together. The same principles for saying “yes, and…” apply to business.  Saying “yes” and building your story along with your team increases trust and business success.

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Say “Yes, and…” to New Ideas

When your team puts new ideas on the table, find the ones you can say “yes, and…” to. Pay attention to the realities of your company and industry, then develop the ideas that can benefit your organization. Listen to each idea your team members come up with, incorporating new information along the way. Although you will not be able to develop every idea, acknowledging them makes your employees feel listened to and encouraged to continue contributing.

Develop Client Empathy

Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes helps you understand their wants and needs. Knowing what is on your clients’ minds involves regularly taking with them and guiding expectations. Therefore, if a client makes an unrealistic request, framing your answer as “yes, and…” changes the reality without dismissing their point of view. For instance, “Yes, your business is valued, so we need to set clear, realistic expectations about your ask.” You are agreeing but reframing the facts of the situation so the client and you have a shared reality.

Be Present

Whether you are talking with team members or clients, completely be in the moment. Three core components of strong leadership are reacting, adapting, and communicating. The most influential leaders pay close attention during conversations and provide truthful responses, supporting the needs of all involved parties. They focus on what is being said to make the most of building opportunities for success.

Say “Yes” to a Recruiting Partner

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