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Job Hunting During the Recovery: Now is the Time!

As the economy continues to pick up, more and more companies have resumed hiring, making this the perfect opportunity to assess your career path and potentially seek out new opportunities.

A recent NBC News segment reported nearly 15 million U.S. job vacancies, up from 10 million before the pandemic. With nearly 100 million Americans fully vaccinated and companies able to make projections, hiring is in full swing and top talent is in full demand.

Experts have dubbed it the “vaccination job boom,” noting that companies are taking permanent steps now to plan for a complete reopening.

This is good news for jobseekers in the finance and accounting industry. As things continue to look up, now is the time to update your resume and start considering your options.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the job market:


Networking and Public Profile on LinkedIn

With more than 740 million members and 55 million companies on LinkedIn, 87% of hiring managers say it’s an important component of the hiring process. It’s imperative to keep your profile up to date and be certain it aligns with the content in your resume.

Also remember to actively work your online networks. Reconnect with old colleagues and comment on their posts, link to current and previous employer pages, join groups and engage in discussion, and attend events (virtual or, if you feel safe, in person!).

Tap into these professional opportunities to build connections and increase your chances of being noticed.


Updating Your Resume

A strong financial resume should not only showcase technical experience and knowledge, but also demonstrate — through concrete examples — intangible capabilities such as communication skills and relationship building, flair for leveraging systems and process improvement, project management abilities, and leadership characteristics. Crafting a high-quality professional document highlights your experience while emphasizing your unique skills set and strengths.

Top talent stands out by applying precision, consistency and simplicity in resume writing. They also customize their resume for each job application and focus on accomplishments that drove impact and quantitative results. Get into the habit of updating your resume regularly. This helps you keep a pulse on the post-pandemic job market.

When your resume is updated, make sure ARG has it on file. Submit resume.


Upskilling and Online Learning

HR managers and recruiters are fully aware of how the pandemic has changed job hunting. Most notably is the increase in upskilling. With a large work-from-home workforce, career-minded professionals took advantage of online trainings and courses throughout the past year. Several institutions and organizations offered discounted or free classes, and the smartest workers made good use of newly found time freed up from daily commutes.

As recruiters and hiring managers are favoring applicants with recent online learning and certification to boost skillsets, it’s not too late to ramp up your expertise and take advantage of online learning. LinkedIn Learning is a good place to start.


Keep in mind that top talent is always in high demand — regardless of market forces. Work with Alliance Resource Group to find the best fit for your talents and career goals. We take great pride in matching finance and accounting stars with great companies — everyone wins.  Visit our job board today.


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