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Hybrid Work: How to Maximize Time in the Office

When it comes to our work environment, two things were learned during the days of COVID-19. People like working from home, but they also miss social interactions and collaborating with peers — and the opportunities that only come with in-person interaction.

What this means for Accounting and Finance professionals is that the hybrid work environment is here to stay — at least for 2022.

Many organizations have already crafted or are rolling out policies that offer the flexibility of blending a few days in the office with working from home (WFH). So, make your time in the office count.

Here are a few tips for maximizing time with your colleagues and peers.

  1. In-Person Collaboration: You get to see colleagues and peers. There is a critical need for human connection, and studies show that collaborating at work increases problem solving, builds interpersonal skills, drives motivation, improves communication and leads to higher job satisfaction.
  2. Reset Boundaries: Working from home has blurred business and personal time. We’ve all been guilty of working longer hours, “always being on,” and checking email while preparing dinner or playing with our kids. It’s time to reset healthy boundaries and truly unplug when it’s time to go home.
  3. Coaching and Mentorship: Nothing promotes greater opportunity for personal growth and development than face-to-face time with a senior colleague who is dedicated to helping you achieve career goals.
  4. Unscheduled Interactions: Spontaneous moments matter. Hallway conversations, office drop-ins, coffee in the breakroom and connections at the water cooler provide brief moments to connect with your manager and peers, proving the power of proximity that can’t be found in Zoom calls or on chat threads.
  5. New Benefits and Old Perks: In many instances, returning to the office has created new employee incentives like wellness stipends for exercise and mental health, or more outdoor workspace with access to fresh air and sunshine. But the old perks matter too, like ergonomic desks, office supplies, scheduled breaks, free coffee and more reliable Wi-Fi.
  6. Plan Your Career Move: Not everyone wants or is ready to return to the office. This creates a unique opportunity for you to shine. Use the face time with managers to standout from others, step up to new challenges, and discuss your professional aspirations.
  7. Improve Company Culture: Perhaps the most important aspect in the office return is YOU. Employee satisfaction and wellbeing are the utmost priorities in rebuilding company culture in 2022 and beyond. Enjoy the renewed focus on empathy, gratitude and shared leadership, and help make a difference in the New Normal.


2022 is the year to advance your career. It’s the time to improve your skills, know your worth, and invest in your future.

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