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5 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Higher Paying Job

Smart job seekers in Accounting and Finance are becoming more selective about career advancement. For top talent, the current super competitive labor market gives you the opportunity to make calculated decisions while considering offers that pay more.

And, for many, money is no longer the deciding factor in making a career transition. Company cultures, benefit packages and career advancement opportunities all come into play when making employment decisions. So, if offered a job that pays more, determine if the money is worth it.

Here are five questions to discuss with both potential and current employers when considering a career shift.

1) Upward mobility. What are your opportunities for growth and advancement? Does the new company prioritize professional development, whether mentoring, training or coaching? Does your current employer value your talent and offer training that’s clearly mapped to organizational goals? Whether you stay or go, ensure you have a clear path for upward mobility.

2) Modern benefit packages. Again, money is now equally weighted with comprehensive perks. Flexible work schedules, unlimited vacation time, emergency savings accounts and wellness stipends are new incentives some companies are offering. Jobseekers are expecting more from competitive companies with empathetic leadership. Does the new offer include holistic benefits that promote work-life balance? And, if your current employer is lagging with incentives, do they have a plan to boost perks in 2022?

3) Company culture. If seriously considering that new offer, dig deep to make an informed decision. What do current employees say about the company? If the culture is positive, HR should quickly share narratives, reviews and testimonials during interviews. You can also ask current employees, see what’s on the company’s LinkedIn page and search for online reviews. Does the culture, vision, mission and ethos align with your personal values and work ethic? This is important now more than ever, as jobseekers leave employers for higher satisfaction, greater empathy and more flexibility. Ultimately, ask yourself, “Do you really feel that you are trading up on company culture?”

4) Financial stability. How financially stable is the prospective company? It’s easy to find financial information on public companies, but not so easy with privately held organizations. You’ll need to ask specific questions about profitability and cash flow. Knowing this may help you feel more confident about your future employment. Checking social channels and conducting an online search may also reveal how the company is performing. The past two years have brought economic turmoil to many companies. Also keep a pulse on your current situation and listen for any rumblings or red flags about the stability of your current employer.

5) Manager relationship. One of the most important factors is positive managerial support. Does your relationship with your current manager have you looking for new opportunities? Do you feel under-supported? Are you lacking resources to succeed, and do you feel valued? When considering a new offer, it is imperative to interview with your prospective supervisor. Ask about leadership style, preferred communication, workflow, professional development, mentoring, and team values and vision. Dig deep so that you feel confident in the reporting and management relationship.

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