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2022: The Year of the ‘Great Retention’

Out with the old and in with the new. Fast Company reports that the “Great Resignation” is being replaced by the “Great Retention” as a key workplace theme for 2022. We identified retention as a critical success factor back in early 2021, and it’s only grown more important with time.

The “Great Resignation” coupled with the “War for Talent” closed out 2021 with a red-hot job market. Entering the New Year, candidates are carrying over that boost in confidence as they explore new opportunities from aggressive competitors who offer better compensation and benefits. So, how do you retain and attract top talent in 2022? Here are three strategies for improving company culture to keep your A-Team.

1) Flexibility. Amidst ongoing Covid variants it’s crucial to empower employees with hybrid work environments. Give them a voice in deciding when to be onsite and when to save the commute and work from home. A hybrid policy that combines time at home with time in the office is a win-win for everyone. Remember, corporate culture includes ethics, values, and employee attitudes and behaviors. All of these contribute to the work environment. Inviting employees into the decision-making process can improve company culture, increase productivity and boost employee satisfaction.

2) Professional Development. Now more than ever, employees need to see their future at your company. They need to feel challenged and connected to their work. They need to see the potential for upward mobility or they will leave for other roles. Investing in an individual’s training, upskilling or learning should further organizational growth. Develop a professional development roadmap that promotes strategic growth aligned to business goals.

3) Holistic Health. Employees expect a greater focus on their mental and physical wellbeing; this should be reflected in benefit packages. Wellness stipends, reimbursement policies, and fitness memberships are easy ways to offer meaningful, additional perks that put you ahead of the competition. Also consider enhancing your physical office space. Make the office a place that attracts employees. Research shows that quality workplace design reduces stress and increases productivity. An overwhelming 87% of employees said they want healthier workspaces that include wellness rooms, standing desks, ergonomic seating, natural light, and fresh air.

As we enter the “Great Retention,” Alliance Resource Group is here to help you navigate 2022. Connect with us for all your recruiting resources.



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