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It’s always a good practice to have career resolutions for a new year, but the ongoing talent shortage and advancements in technology make this year’s goals even more important.

As we start 2024, the career landscape looks especially bright for skilled Accounting and Finance professionals. After sidestepping a recession in the second half of 2023, many CFOs are feeling more optimistic and green-lighting projects that had previously been paused in anticipation of a full-blown downturn. The shrinking Accounting and Finance talent pool continues to put jobs in greater demand, and employers are focused on improving culture in the post-pandemic world. All this means more opportunities for you in 2024.

Whether you are seeking a promotion, pursuing professional development or considering a new job, here are five resolutions to consider for the year ahead.

1) Invest in Continuous Learning

2024 will be the year for upskilling. Advanced technology is transforming the business landscape at a rapid rate. Becoming an early adopter of AI and machine learning tools will position you as a tech-savvy asset who can help the organization focus on more strategic initiatives by leveraging tools that augment and automate routine tasks.

The best way to progress in your company and career is through professional training and growth. Professional development not only enhances your competencies but can also significantly contribute to your team’s efficiency and the overall growth of the company. Identify opportunities and areas for skills development that benefit both you and the organization, whether it be technology, processes and procedures, or leadership to increase productivity and overall business success. Most employers recognize that continuous learning is necessary to stay updated with industry trends, new technologies, and regulatory changes.

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2) Get a Mentor or Coach

Partnering with a highly skilled mentor or coach is another invaluable opportunity for skills enhancement and professional progression. Your mentor could be someone within your organization, a past colleague or someone you’ve met at an industry event.

For Accounting and Finance talent looking to get ahead, a mentor serves not just as a guide through the complex landscape of financial regulations and accounting standards, but also as a beacon of wisdom in career development. A seasoned mentor or coach brings a wealth of experience, offering insights that transcend traditional learning. This relationship fosters a deeper understanding of industry nuances and provides tailored advice for navigating career challenges and opportunities.

Beyond imparting industry knowledge, mentors help in honing essential soft skills like leadership, communication, and strategic thinking, which are critical in the evolving business world. Engaging with a mentor or coach is more than an educational experience; it’s a strategic career move that empowers Accounting and Finance professionals to achieve your full potential, adapt to changing market demands, and reach new heights in your professional journey.

3) Prioritize Networking

As we usher in a new year without in-person limitations, now is the time to re-engage with onsite networking opportunities. Networking is not merely about expanding a contact list; it’s about building meaningful relationships and tapping into a reservoir of knowledge, opportunities, and diverse perspectives. Whether you join a professional association or attend an industry event, conference or social gathering, committing to at least quarterly engagements is an effective way to build connections that will boost your career.

4) Tie Your Resolutions to Attainable Goals and Track Progress

Rather than setting a resolution for the sake of trying to motivate yourself into action, carefully map and plan it to one of your SMART goals. New Year’s resolutions can sometimes be too lofty or broad in aspiration, which makes them difficult to achieve. When planning for 2024, first consider what you want to achieve and why. Then, develop incremental ways to advance toward that goal with milestones, check-ins and periods of reflection and celebration.

5) Engage or Re-Engage with a Recruiter

Qualified recruiters can provide immense value to your career in the short- and long-term. Find a good Accounting and Finance recruiter, then explain your career goals and the opportunities that interest you. Ensure the recruiter knows your full skillset and what makes you stand out from the competition.

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