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Streamlining the Accounts Payable Processes with Innovation and Precision

The strategic placement of top talent in Accounting and Finance requires specialized industry knowledge in finance leadership. At Alliance Resource Group (ARG), we engage in a partnership approach to deeply comprehend each client’s distinct needs and address their talent requisites with precision.

Our seasoned team — each member a veteran in Finance and Accounting — leverages their extensive expertise to overcome any talent acquisition challenge, no matter the scale. We don’t just find talent; we strategically align expertise with opportunity to ensure that every placement is transformative. 

This is part of an ongoing series of case studies that demonstrates our team’s laser-focused approach to tackling client needs.

The Challenge

A leading global consumer brands company received an unexpected resignation from an Accounts Payable (AP) Manager at its largest division located in Southern California. The resignation unveiled a complex situation:

  • Overseeing payments for three different companies with looming deadlines
  • Processing pending ACH bank confirmations
  • Managing a critical problem with a Bill Credit for a customer
  • Navigating incomplete vendor updates

ARG was approached to source an interim AP Manager who could guide a team to resolve these challenges swiftly and seamlessly.

The Solution

The ARG consultant proactively identified avenues of resolution and began collaborating with team members, including key decision-makers outside the department, to address the multitude of issues.

Efforts were made to stop payment, void and reissue the upcoming ACH payments. The interim AP Manager successfully oversaw the Bill Credit issue and committed to diligently reviewing formulas, balancing and payment reports. The consultant’s innovative processes increased efficiency by integrating vendor communication, ACH/Wire confirmation calls, and vendor setup and updates into routine workflows.

The Outcome

Despite the complexities, the interim AP Manager successfully processed payments for all three companies before the specified deadline. These diligent efforts led to the completion of void checks, payment notification emails, and positive pay. The consultant then proactively engaged in additional tasks, including planning for future close tasks.

With a commitment to continuous improvement, ARG’s interim AP Manager remained focused on resolving pending issues and streamlining processes for future efficiency. The consumer brands client expressed satisfaction, acknowledging excellent work in processing payments. The outcome showcased Alliance Resource Groups’ cadre of consultants dedicated to overcoming challenges and meeting crucial deadlines in the realm of Accounts Payable.