Strategies for Retaining Top Talent in 2021 and Beyond (part 1)


Accounting manager discusses strategy

By Jennifer Hannigan, CEO, Alliance Resource Group From accelerated growth and job creation to readily available vaccines, 2021 kicked off on a high note. And, as virus numbers continue to drop, most economic and financial experts agree that the economy will rebound. So how do we remain resilient in the post-pandemic era? The answer is easy… Read more »

Seven Reasons to Use Temps During COVID-19 and Beyond


The media and economists all have their predictions, but no one really knows how long this economic downturn will last or what prolonged effects companies will endure. Something we do know: Accounting and finance jobs are critical during times of economic uncertainty. Sales may yield revenue, but accounting and finance specialists track immediate results and… Read more »

How to Address an Employee’s Behavior When They Don’t Feel Like the Right Fit for Your Company Culture


How to Address an Employee's Behavior

Your company culture has a significant impact on your organization’s success. Positive culture contributes to employee performance, business growth, and the ability to attract and retain talent. When employees with diverse backgrounds and skillsets align with the same vision and values, they are guided by the same mission and principles. This is why taking action… Read more »

Managing Employee Emotions: How to Quickly Identify an Employee Who “Just Needs a Minute” and How to React


Recognizing Employee Stress and Challenges

The majority of daily activities and interactions are governed by the subconscious. This is why instinctive, emotional reactions are common during stressful situations. For someone like you with leadership responsibilities, maintaining self-control is necessary. The same principle applies to your team members. You need to help them take control of their thinking and behavior, especially when they get out… Read more »

Hiring for Aptitude and Attitude vs Skills  


Hiring candidate aptitude

Let’s be clear, hiring is always hard. But it’s even more challenging in today’s world where we have increased competition and a labor market not bound by geography; a global skills shortage; and unprecedented economic volatility spurred by COVID-19. Combine that with the cost of a bad hire —which according to the Department of Labor… Read more »

Three Tips to Help Your Team Work SMARTER, Not Necessarily LONGER Hours


Work SMARTER, Not Necessarily LONGER Hours

Like other managers, one of your goals is to increase your team’s efficiency and productivity. There are good and bad ways to approach this subject. Encouraging team members to work harder is ineffective. Coming to the office early and working late into the night does not guarantee quality work or bigger achievements. This is why you need to show… Read more »

Are You Setting Aside 5 Minutes Every Month to Coach Your Star Employees? 


Coaching Top Performing Employees | Alliance Resource Group

As a manager, communication with your team is critical for success. Well-executed communication strategies boost productivity, trust, and engagement. Consistent discussion helps employees connect with company culture, perform at their highest levels, and reach their full potential. For these reasons, you need to have individual, 5-minute coaching sessions with your entire team each month.     Contact Alliance Resource… Read more »

3 Books Every Manager Should Have on Their Bookshelf 


Books on Effective Leadership

As a manager, you inspire your team with integrity, authority, and enthusiasm. One way to continue to do this is by reading books about leadership. Regularly taking in reflections and advice on leading your team provides insightful, practical advice to implement on an ongoing basis. Here are three management books you should be reading.    When it comes time… Read more »

The Value in Reviewing All Organizational Expenses Before the Second Half of 2020 


Reviewing Organizational Expenses

If you started a company in 2020, congratulations! You put a lot of thought and hard work into making your vision a reality. Of course, one of your top priorities is tracking your spending. Since the year is nearly half done, you must be sure to review your organizational expenses. This number will affect the amount you can deduct on your tax… Read more »