Two Ways to Regroup Amid an Otherwise Toxic and Unproductive Workday


As a high achiever, you juggle significant responsibilities throughout the day. Despite your best efforts, there will be days when you find yourself distracted by interruptions and handling unexpected issues. As a result, you won’t be working on everything you planned to. Fortunately, you can take steps to turn around your day and get things… Read more »

Hiring a Senior Staff Accountant in Orange County? Here’s a Quick Guide of What to Look for When Hiring


With low unemployment rates, a tight supply of qualified candidates, and a high demand for talent, finding a senior staff accountant in Orange County can be challenging. Due to the short supply of candidates, you need to work harder to find and retain them. Rather than spend the additional time and money locating senior staff… Read more »

The Key to Making Your Onboarding Process as EASY and EFFICIENT as Possible


Seasonal Team Building | Alliance Resource Group

Bringing aboard new hires is an exciting but stressful time. As beneficial as it is having additional employees with the skills and experience needed to move your company forward, you also need to make time to onboard them. Since onboarding directly influences employee morale, performance, and impact on business goals, here are some tips to… Read more »

Why Every Manager Should Sit Down and Outline Key Goals with Their Employees


Meeting with your employees to establish 2020 goals

Company transparency builds trust among employees. This is one reason why sharing business goals with team members is a great idea. It provides a clear idea of what your team is working toward, which targets to hit by specific dates, and the steps needed to attain objectives. This is why you need to sit down… Read more »

Let’s Be Honest. How Much Is a TOP CFO Worth in 2020?


Hiring a CFO in 2020

Given the high incomes that CFOs make, you may be wondering exactly how much a top CFO is worth in 2020. Although the average annual salary of a CFO can vary depending on many factors, we believe that a top CFO for a company with revenue of $500 million+ is worth $350,000-$580,000 with an average… Read more »

How Might You Get Your Introverted Employees to Speak Up More in Crucial Meetings?


Improve Meetings for Introverts

Speaking up in meetings can be a challenge for introverts. Because social interaction often makes them feel drained, introverts tend to excel at thinking and working individually. Although they may feel overwhelmed by extroverts rapidly speaking up during meetings, introverts pay close attention and implement what they learn. However, since interactions and collaborations are a… Read more »

How Might You Attract a Passive Candidate to Apply to Your Tax Accountant Role?


Attract a Passive Candidate to Apply to Your Tax Accountant Role

In many cases, top candidates already are employed. Because these candidates enjoy their work and comprise the majority of the workforce, they typically don’t look for other employment. This is one reason why you need to source passive candidates and encourage them to work for you. Proactively reaching out to employed candidates to solicit interest… Read more »

The Key to Deploying Additional Employee Recognition Practices in 2020


Deploying Additional Employee Recognition Practices

Recognition is a key driver of employee engagement. Staff tend to stay productive and put in their best performance when they’re consistently recognized for their contributions. For this reason, you want to continuously improve your employee recognition program to attain maximum impact on your company in 2020. For help hiring top accounting and finance professionals,… Read more »

7 Tips to Motivate Your Workforce & End 2019 on a High Note


As the end of the fiscal year draws near, the final three months will determine whether your team met their goals and made more progress than the previous year. With the holidays approaching, motivating staff and increasing productivity is challenging. Fortunately, there are ways for you to encourage your employees to continue producing. Here are seven tips… Read more »

Question: How Can I Get My Introvert Employees to Speak Up in a Meeting and Share Their Thoughts?


Having a voice in the work environment is important. However, introvert employees tend to be more observers than talkers. They prefer to take in everything around them and process it before sharing a response. That can be challenging when everyone is talking at once or people are dominating the conversation. For this reason, you must encourage your… Read more »