ARG Quarterly Barometer

November 2023

We’re proud to announce the release of our third Quarterly Barometer. We’ve once again curated the most important and trusted data shaping the labor and job market and packaged it for our clients, candidates and followers. 

As a reminder, we are not economists, hedgefund managers, or fortune tellers, but we are deeply curious and have spent the past 20 years living and breathing talent and the many forces that impact Finance and Accounting.

We have aggregated data from numerous reputable sources and presented them here. We have pulled together the most important statistics in one spot so that we have a 360° view of the factors affecting the job market, and more specifically, the Southern California Finance and Accounting sector.

In this Barometer, you’ll find a snapshot of what happened in Q3 from a data-driven perspective with additional commentary. We’ll also include a look ahead at what we think are the most important considerations for Southern California leaders for 2024.

I hope you find it informative, actionable, and relevant to the decisions you are making.

Jennie Hannigan, Founder and CEO, Alliance Resource Group


Click below to view, print or download our Q4 2023 Quarterly Barometer. Use the navigation below the Barometer to view in full-screen mode. Feel free to contact any member of our team if you have any questions or needs.