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Is a LinkedIn Profile a Worthy Resume in 2019?

Maintaining a LinkedIn profile is one way to show employers how you provide value to a business. Because your profile lists your skills, experiences, accomplishments, links to your website and portfolio, and other pertinent information, you may think that a resume is not required for job hunting. Although the two overlap in many areas, they also serve different purposes. For this reason, you need both an updated LinkedIn profile and tailored resume when looking for your next role. For help finding accounting jobs in Orange County, CA, contact Alliance Resource Group.

LinkedIn Profile and Resume Similarities

Because your LinkedIn profile and resume both showcase your skills, experience, and accomplishments, they should overlap in many areas. For instance, the factual flow of your roles and projects should be similar. Also, your summary should present a compelling snapshot of your professional experience and personal brand. Additionally, your focus should be on delivering value to an employer. Plus, keywords should be placed throughout both your LinkedIn profile and resume to better connect with hiring managers and recruiters. And, you can use both your profile and resume to find jobs.

LinkedIn Profile and Resume Differences

Your LinkedIn profile and resume should portray your abilities, experience, and achievements in different ways. For instance, you should have one LinkedIn profile that highlights your background. Having a single profile keeps your connections in one place, helps keep track of invitations, and helps you reach a broad audience. In contrast, you should have multiple resumes tailored to the job you want. Also, your LinkedIn profile should have a social tone and be written in first person. Conversely, your resume should have a formal tone and be written in the third person.
Additionally, because you have more room for examples and stories, your LinkedIn profile should be longer than your resume. In contrast, your resume should be a highly condensed professional history covering no more than two pages. Further, your LinkedIn profile should be evolving and dynamic. It should be updated every time you add new skills, achieve goals, get promoted, change jobs, or experience other career milestones. You also should include links to projects and portfolios, publish blog posts, and share other content to build your professional reputation. Conversely, your resume is static. Although you may edit and tailor the information, once it is sent, it cannot be altered. Plus, your LinkedIn profile needs a professional picture of you so that others recognize you and your work. In contrast, your resume should not contain a photo to avoid unconscious bias from hiring managers and recruiters. And, your LinkedIn profile is designed to build your network and gather endorsements and recommendations. Conversely, your resume is designed to find you a job.

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