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How Can Managers Empower Their Employees to Improve in 2019?

Empowering your employees provides substantial benefits. They get more work done, focus on developing professionally, and tend to be more innovative. These are a few reasons why you want to focus on empowering your employees to be more independent. After all, your success depends on their success. When it comes time to hire accounting and finance employees, talk with Alliance Resource Group, leading accounting recruiters in Orange County, CA.


Openly communicate with employees. Provide clear direction for completing projects and fulfilling responsibilities. Find out what each does best and assign project roles accordingly. Answer questions and handle issues as they arise. Listen to feedback and make proper changes. Encourage employees to voice their ideas and provide input on company operations. Let them develop and implement ideas when possible. Show that employee input is valued and respected. Show how employees can collaborate to complete their work. Hold yourself and others accountable to encourage top performance. Let employees know who is responsible for specific tasks to ensure they get done and are not overlapped. Stay informed about employees’ personal lives to show you care about their overall wellbeing.

Widen Boundaries

Define the boundaries in which employees can make their own decisions. Encourage them to take on tasks and complete them with little guidance. Let employees lead meetings whenever possible. Ensure employees perform in alignment with company mission, values, and beliefs. Providing them the freedom to take action shows that you trust them to make appropriate decisions. For instance, lettinh a customer service rep spend up to 25% of a customer’s annual fees on keeping the customer satisfied encourages the rep to solve problems without consulting you. Employees want the freedom to decide how to approach tasks and accomplish work in their own way.

Encourage Innovation

Let employees be innovative. There are always problems to be solved and better ways to do things. Developing ideas requires trying new ideas and approaches until finding what works. Encourage employees to analyze what went wrong and learn from it. Praise their desire to try new things. Reward employees when things turn out in line with their objectives.

Offer Professional Development

Give employees opportunities for professional development. They need to develop their skill sets and gain experience to take on additional responsibilities and advance in the business. Offer to send employees to seminars, conferences, and other professional events. They can network, learn about news and trends in the industry, and promote your company. At your next team meeting, have employees share what they learned so everyone can benefit. They will become even more valuable members of your team. Reward employees for professional growth.

Work With an Accounting and Finance Recruiting Expert

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