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Embracing a Remote Workforce: How to Maintain Data Security When Working from Home

Working from home is a perk that many employees appreciate. They typically are more productive and have greater control over work-life balance. However, working from home comes with increased risks. With widespread access to company data from mobile devices in various locations, protecting confidential information becomes increasingly important. When you need to find skilled accounting or finance professionals for your business, talk with Alliance Resource Group, a leader in recruitment services in Orange County, CA.

Use the Cloud

Securing your data in the cloud makes it more difficult for cyber attackers to steal sensitive information. A cloud provider typically offers higher levels of encryption so that data is better protected from ransomware and other threats. A reputable provider is equipped to manage and monitor security, quickly respond to an attack, and provide faster recovery times.

Create Strong Passwords

Creating strong passwords decreases the likelihood of having confidential data stolen. Use at least eight characters to create a phrase that you can picture in your head. Or, create a long string of characters including numbers, letters, and symbols. Use an online tool to help create and remember your unique passwords. Check your passwords against a dictionary of choices that are known to be ineffective to be sure yours are strong. Include multi-factor authentication with your passwords when possible.

Monitor Mobile Devices

Implement a mobile device management platform to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Employees can update company software, manage and update apps, watch for malware and more from a unified platform. Remind employees that everything must remain updated to be effective.

Use Security Software

Implement security software to reduce cyber threats. Because malware typically infiltrates devices through the internet and email, activate automatic updates from the software company to reduce vulnerabilities and ensure patches are deployed as necessary. Include whole-disk encryption software to bar data access for unauthorized users. Plus, install remote-wipe apps on all mobile devices to erase data if a device goes missing.

Require a Virtual Private Network Connection

Require that employees use a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Connecting through public Wi-Fi lets others snoop on connections and potentially steal confidential information. Attackers can use packet analyzers to spy on transferred data, steal logins and passwords, and create man-in-the-middle attacks. They can eavesdrop on private chats, email, and other communications to access company data. In contrast, a VPN connection creates a virtual peer-to-peer link between the device and the local area network (LAN). Data being transferred is encrypted so that shared resources remain secure.

Train Employees

Ensure that all employees, especially remote workers, are regularly trained on current data security practices. Share information on security protocols and common hacker strategies. Show employees how to spot and treat suspicious emails and links. Remind employees that work devices are for work use only, even if they are at home.

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