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Three Conversations to Have with Employees During Performance Reviews

Like many managers, you may not enjoy giving performance reviews. Determining what needs to be accomplished, where to start, and how to involve your team can be overwhelming. You need a proper structure to review their performance, give development feedback, and hold yourself and your team accountable. Therefore, it may be easiest to break up the issues of checking in, developing talent, and analyzing performance into three conversations. When it comes time to hire new employees, contact Alliance Resource Group, a leader in recruitment services in Southern California.

Checking In

Checking in with each employee every week or two helps to troubleshoot weekly tasks and realign priorities. Your goal is to hold teammates accountable and provide insight to even better job performance. Take time before each meeting to review previous action items and add relevant notes for the next meeting. Encourage your employees to do the same. Talk with each team member in person or over the phone for 10-15 minutes. Provide an update on team progress. Ask whether your employees have questions or need help with specific issues. Ensure they are investing their time on the most pressing business needs. Provide next steps for each of you to take. Recap your discussion in an email to ensure you are on the same page and can be held accountable.


Talk with each employee monthly or quarterly about how they want to grow, where they want to develop, and how you can help them. Your goal is to connect with teammates, show you care about them, and learn how to support their career development. Take a walk or get coffee or lunch during your meeting. Offer to coach your team members in their growth.

Performance Review

Assess quarterly or bi-annually how well an employee’s performance contributed to achieving their goals. Your objective is to understand how teach teammate is reaching quarterly targets and moving toward long-term goals. Review previous progress notes with each team member so they can come prepared with an update on their results. You both can cover the employee’s past performance, provide objective feedback on their growth and goals, and determine where they are in comparison to the big picture. Ask each teammate what their significant accomplishments from last quarter were, what did and did not go as planned, and what was learned. Find out which area of growth the team member wants to focus on next quarter and how you can support them. Share potential bonuses, raises, or promotions for taking on additional responsibilities.

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