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Why You Should Always Say “Yes” If Someone Asks You to Be Their Personal Mentor

When you serve as a mentor, you share knowledge, connections, and personal growth with a fellow professional. Whether your relationship is formal or informal, happens organically or is part of a program, you share advice, life experiences, and resources that significantly benefit each other. As you get to know your mentee, their background, strengths, weaknesses, and career goals, you are better able to understand the issues they face and offer the best advice. Here are four reasons why you should accept an invitation to become someone’s mentor. For additional assistance with finding seasoned finance or accounting executives, take advantage of Alliance Resource Group’s professional Recruitment Services in Orange County.

Enhance Leadership Skills

Serving as a mentor enhances your leadership skills. Because teaching someone makes you an expert on the subject, you reinforce important leadership lessons while refining your thinking and approaches. As you strive to meet your mentee’s expectations, you enhance your own ability to work hard and try new things to promote growth. You help complex problems become more manageable by providing advice on similar issues you faced in the past.

Gain Hard Skills

If your mentee is younger than you, they will be able to teach you additional skills. Because millennials are now shaping the workplace, they understand and can share the trends and technology that you may not know or understand. Picking up on such habits can be beneficial to your work.

 Expand Your Career

Studies show that mentors gain additional career opportunities for people who do not participate in mentoring. For instance, mentors are more likely to get raises or be promoted than non-mentors. If you work with your mentee, you can model behaviors in line with your company’s mission, vision, and values to help shape culture. If your mentee works elsewhere, they may end up working for your employer, further adding value to the organization. Be sure you ask your mentee for videotaped or written testimonials that validate your experience for when you apply for future roles.

Receive Intrinsic Rewards

By mentoring someone, you gain intrinsic rewards. Watching someone develop their career path with your help is significantly rewarding. Knowing you had an impact on their life shows that the time and effort you invested is worth it.

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