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Embracing the Summer: 5 Activities to Help You Bring Your Team Closer Together This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to organize team-building activities. These activities foster better communication and collaboration among colleagues while addressing, resolving, and preventing current and future conflicts. Bringing together your team members in fun, memorable ways encourage employee motivation, engagement, and productivity to enhance company culture. Since business tends to slow down during the summer months and employees often become restless, offering group activities is a welcome change of pace. For assistance with finding experts to fill accounting or finance roles, take advantage of Alliance Resource Group’s professional recruitment services in Orange County.

Volunteer Together

Encourage your team to volunteer with local nonprofit organizations. Ask your members to write down their favorite organization and put their entry into a hat. When everyone is finished, you can pick which organization to volunteer with. You might assemble bikes for kids, build homes for Habitat for Humanity, or collect and deliver food for the hungry. Your team can bond over giving back to the community through causes your employees care about.

Participate in Outdoor Activities

Arrange outdoor activities for your team to participate in. You might opt for rock climbing, hiking, biking, kayaking, or overnight camping. You could visit the zoo, botanical gardens, a local festival, museum, or historical site. Your team members will enjoy interacting without a set agenda.

 Engage in Competitive Activities

For more adventurous team members, plan competitive events. You could arrange for teams to find their way out of an escape room, race go-karts, run a 5K, engage in an improv class, go bowling, or participate in a trivia event or scavenger hunt. Or, you might create teams to play kickball, disc golf, basketball, foot golf, ping pong, or volleyball. Competitive events promote camaraderie, individual and collaborative problem-solving, and understanding each other’s strengths.

Arrange Employee Family Cookouts

Set up a cookout for employees and their families. Provide bounce houses, outdoor games, and other family-oriented activities. Offer a variety of traditional and vegetarian food to accommodate different tastes. Ask your team members to bring a dish to share. Getting together at your home or a local park allows your teammates and their families to bond and promote a better work environment.

Organize Food-Based Events

Plan for your team to indulge in local food and beverages. You may decide to try a variety of ethnic foods, pizza with microbrews, or appetizers and drinks during Happy Hour at a newly opened bar. For a change of pace, you could arrange a beer or wine tasting event, or encourage your team to get dressed up for cocktails and dinner at a steakhouse.

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