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Job Hunting During COVID-19

While the United States has seen a historical jump in unemployment during COVID-19, we’re starting to see movement in hiring across many industries. Economists predict a small recovery in Q3 and a big bounce in Q4 and well into 2021.
Smart companies have their eyes on the horizon and understand they need to start recruiting top talent NOW to capitalize on the recovery.
Though it might seem counter-intuitive, this pandemic has created an opportunity for CFOs to build their dream teams and for job seekers to find their perfect role.
Here are five tips for job hunting during these unprecedented times:

  1. Put yourself out there

We know the mass layoffs and furloughs have been painful. It’s tempting to retreat, especially in these days of isolation. But now is the time to pick yourself up and put yourself out into the job market. Challenge yourself to consider new industries, different roles or job types, or even temporary assignments to get your foot in the door.  Search Jobs.

  1. Update your resume and elevator pitch

Is your resume up to date and attention-grabbing? Do you have a compelling elevator pitch? Now’s the time to get these job seeker essentials in perfect shape so when opportunity comes you can quickly respond. Need help with your resume or pitch? Our team can provide support and guidance to get you noticed.

  1. Leverage LinkedIn

Like your resume, your LinkedIn profile should be up-to-date and tell a compelling story about who you are. Be sure to mark yourself as “open to opportunities” in the Settings and Privacy section so that hiring managers have an easier time identifying you.
Carve out time every day to spend on LinkedIn. And not just job hunting — grow your network, actively share relevant content and interact with your connections. You want to be top-of-mind when people begin the hiring process.

  1. Hone your virtual interview skills

While businesses in California are set to slowly reopen, don’t expect in-person interviews to be common for a while. If you’re not already familiar with them, get comfortable using Zoom, Skype and other video conferencing technologies. Make sure you have a strong WIFI connection, your audio and video are working well, and you have a quiet, well-lit room for the interviews. Dress like you would if the meeting was in person and make sure your background is not distracting.

  1. Be grateful

Spend a few minutes every day thanking someone who has helped you on the job search journey. It could be a LinkedIn connection, a hiring manager or reference. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way — plus it keeps you top-of-mind when a new opportunity arises.
We’re seeing new jobs open up every day, and we expect that trend to grow steadily throughout the summer months. Whether you’re currently unemployed or just ready to search for a new opportunity, we want to help you find a new job where you can truly thrive.
Let’s get started.
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