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COVID-19 Economic Impact Survey Results

As California continues to slowly reopen, we’re all grappling with the same issues. What is the real financial impact on our business and how do we capitalize on the recovery? We’re recasting financials weekly if not daily and are starting to get a grasp on what reopening looks like.
Two weeks ago, we surveyed our clients throughout Southern California to better understand how COVID-19 had impacted their businesses, how they are navigating through the slowed-down economy, and what they are doing to prepare for the return to work.
A few key findings from the survey:

  • 92% will be making health and safety adjustments to their workspaces in response to COVID-19
  • 52% are currently hiring or expect to be by the end of Q3
  • 65% of the businesses surveyed expect the economic impact of COVID-19 to be 12 months or less
  • 68% have decreased their current year revenue forecast
  • 42% reduced their staff due to COVID-19

Thanks to all of you who completed the survey.
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ARG COVID-19 Survey Results
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