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Understanding Your Potential: How to Consistently Push Yourself Through Your Perceived Ceiling 

The degree of success you experience throughout your accounting and finance career is directly linked to how far you believe you can go. As the saying goes, whether you think you can or cannot, you are right. For this reason, you may need a mentor or colleagues to inspire you to move to the next level. Implement these guidelines to push through the limits you set for yourself.  

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Identify Your Motivators

Find out what motivates you to grow. This may revolve around what provides your life with meaning, what your purpose is, or what brings you joy. Determine where you are in your career and where you want to be to feel fulfilled. Use this to create a general direction to move forward. Decide on one area of your life to push a little harder in each day. Practice makes it easier and more natural over time. 

Set Goals 

Create small goals and action items to move toward what you want to accomplish. Perhaps this involves mastering a new skill, completing a big presentation, or writing a proposal for a promotion. Recognize and reward yourself for the work you are putting in to move forward. Celebrate reaching your goals along your path to bigger successes. Continue the process to create bigger wins. 

Take on Challenges 

Seek experiences that force you to grow. Trying things beyond your comfort zone differentiates you from your peers. Learning from your mistakes and moving forward shows you embrace change. Consistently pushing beyond your limits sacrifices immediate gratification for later rewards. Embracing innovation makes you more marketable and valuable to employers. You never know where the future will take you.    

Push Yourself in Bursts 

Regularly expand your comfort zone for short periods of time. Pushing your limits for specific periods lets you grow while gradually increasing your tolerance to change. This expands your experience level and gets your mind used to change. In time, pushing yourself will become a regular habit you enjoy. 

Accept Discomfort 

Remind yourself that part of growing involves discomfort. You need to face vulnerability and the possibility of rejection to reach your full potential. Embrace taking risks and stretching yourself. Your fears will diminish over time.   

Request Help 

Ask for assistance from a trusted mentor or colleagues. Gaining confidence to stretch your limits may involve outside perspectives or training. Because the brain is programmed for safety, you need to reprogram it for change and expansion. Create a small group of people who believe in your ability to grow and will provide support for reaching your goals. This will increase your resilience and commitment when you feel nervous or discouraged.   

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